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The Most Important Implication of a Contact Experience

By Denise Stoner

When first asked if I would be interested in tackling this topic, I was taken to a place in my head that said this was too much. How could I write on such a topic or even begin to cover all aspects of this subject matter. I could not! I thought it would be interesting to the readers if I “took a poll” of a wide range of individuals. I have a combination of responses from business owners, authors, speakers, teachers, mentors, and experiencers. I’ve added remarks made by a relatively new person attempting to understand what this all means to seasoned individuals.  I felt it would be important for us to see how the contributors have interpreted this question.

I am going to begin to tackle the religious and spiritual side of this topic. As an experiencer myself, this aspect of having contact and what impact “disclosure” might have on society is mind boggling once you stop to think about it. Is the effect on the religions of the world the most important? I really can’t make a guess myself.

I was raised with a great faith base. The small New England town I grew up in had one Roman Catholic Church and one Congregational (similar to Methodist) Church. My parents never told me what I had to believe so when I was just beginning my teens, I attended my church (the Congregational), sang in the children’s choir, and more. The difference was the fact that I also attended the Catholic Church with my girlfriends. This was just the beginning of my strong desire, need, calling – to explore so many religions I couldn’t name them all. I joined a few for a while. As an adult, I studied in depth and was a part of what it means to be a Wiccan. Yes, Wicca is considered a religion. I kept my distance from any negative realm other than to read about it and interview a few members. I also wanted to know how these huge places of worship stayed afloat. I was an experiencer and had a close friendship, for lack of a better term, relationship with my ET. By 2013 I had “come out” and was speaking about my ET, visits on their crafts, and much more. I co-authored “The Alien Abduction Files” with Kathleen Marden which let the world know that I knew there was life on other planets and they were visiting here on earth.

Implications of Contact
Implications of Contact - artwork by Scott Browne

Still, there was no proof so no harm is being done to the world economy, religious beliefs, etc. However, did these experiences change me? Yes, I spent several days in deep contemplation in an attempt to figure out how my faith has changed, if it did. I want to say that no matter what my particular faith had been, no matter how it differs now, I AM NOT THE SAME since having contact with the visitors. I am now what I feel is a complete spiritual being open to what the universe has to offer. I don’t need to spend time inside a building in order to connect with a higher power. Prayer is important especially when shared with others who have intent and purpose yet, the place where I worship can easily be the wide open spaces.

Of course, we have atheists and agnostics and must include them. The still lost tribes would suddenly know what they possibly felt all along when practicing their rituals and ceremonies. The Native Americans have their own beliefs and thoughts on the matter and what about Buddha? I’m sure I left some out.

Will the knowledge of visitors from another place just quietly rattle the temples, church pews, and others – or – will the whole idea of what religion means turn the world upside down causing the collapse of each and every one as they once were.

Now, let’s wrap it up and ponder on whether this could possibly be the most important implication of a contact experience. I leave it up to you. 

Some of the information I will now add to this article are written, as I mentioned in the beginning, by all types of individuals. They do have one thing in common and that is the need to discover exactly what these UFO/ETs are, where they are from, and how they will affect this beautiful oasis we call planet earth when that information is disclosed to all of us.


Not being an experiencer, but looking at it from the viewpoint of wanting to (have been doing the CE-5 meditations for a while now) but think I'm too old for them to care about me, I see the possibilities of getting answers as to who we are as humans, our consciousness (what is that) and being able to grow and expand (raise our consciousness) to higher levels. 


That other beings have manipulated the DNA of mankind, whether we gave consent or not.


Implication has a few definitions. But if you want it to mean "conclusion drawn", then I would say quite plainly,

"We have value".

Being of value, in itself, has many implications.

We could be nurtured, and spiritually or physically improved upon to benefit the whole. Or, the opposite, meaning altered spiritually or physically for the benefit of a few.

Maybe I just answered my own question in my head. "We are valued as spiritual food, for good or for evil".


Contact with entities from other realms and other worlds is, in my opinion, the next step in the evolution of humanity. Many experiencers develop expanded consciousness, with newly found psychic abilities, such as heightened intuition, telepathy, healing capabilities, telekinesis and even precognition.

Experiencers also report more intense interest in protecting animals, and all of nature. At the same time, many report more empathy and concern for other humans, while expressing more apprehension about nuclear war and dangerous changes in our climate.

The effect of contact with non-human entities appears to me to be steering humanity towards a new path of evolution. Perhaps this kind of tweaking has been happening throughout our history and prehistory.

Contact is of utmost importance for the future of Earthlings. Could it be preparing us to save our planet, protect humanity and become members of a space-faring cosmic community? Maybe, if we are ready to accept the challenge. 


For all of orthodox world history, there has been only one single technological civilization on the globe - only one game in town: the human race. This means that any comparison made for any purpose whatsoever has necessarily been made between one segment of the human population against another. What works and what doesn't? What is 'good' and what is 'bad'? With the advent of full and open contact with a non-human civilization, inevitably every single human institution, every single human idea and activity, will be compared and contracted with this new "other''. Not one element of the human enterprise will go unquestioned.


How a person interprets the contact can make all the difference in their life. Although at first fear may be the prominent emotion related to the experience after time passes one may begin to ponder the reason they were chosen to have contact. If the contactee has a trusted person to discuss the event with they may begin to process how the event has altered their life in a good way. Once that begins the person may notice a raised consciousness and some enhanced abilities or new ones that have developed. 


The most important implication of the contact experience would be placing the experience in the right context. Did the alien contact impart some truth to the experiencer or was information extracted from the experiencer for their own use. Reducing fear to the lowest level so as to not constrict communications to a single objective of escape, and participating in an exchange of questions and answers would allow for a deeper understanding of the main question "why". Answering this question would help the rest of us understand the intent as each contact seems to vary by alien type as each species seems to also have different goals.


Recognize the contact experience will probably change your worldview, and all of the ideas you previous thought were true about your life, humanity, government, academia and society.

Recognize the contact experience may call for significant psychological and spiritual growth on your part and change you in unexpected ways. 


Unfortunately, I'm not lucky enough that I'm aware of to be given information like other folks, so I can't be as specific. However, one implication is knowing as they say, "We are not alone" and "The truth is out there" inspires me to gain knowledge of this topic that I never would have before. And in doing so have gained trust in the idea of intelligent life being around us          possibly if I had just heard stories then I might not have been accepting of the topic. I would hope we may coexist one day or do already and that they perhaps would be willing to help us grow.

I haven't had bad experiences like others unfortunately have (that I'm aware of) so I can't speak of those experiences that might have a negative implication. However, I would assume respect would need to be high priority in dealing with intelligent life as should always be with us.

Kathleen Marden 

The most important implications to me are the transformational changes that experiencers make, including becoming more spiritual, more psychic or intuitive, and empathic. This conclusion was born out in the Omega 1 and 2 academic studies and in FREE's and MUFON's experiencer research studies. 

Judith and George

For us, we find the most important aspect of our personal contact experiences has been the understanding that the ET's are here to assist in the awakening of our consciousness into the next step of our Spiritual evolution. 

They have helped us to recognize that we are not alone in the universe and are part of a greater Cosmic Family and the foundation of this family is love.

We also understand that experiencers are not chosen at random and have been prepared throughout their lives to respond to the call to help. 

Kevin Briggs

This is a very intriguing question; I am an experiencer from the age of eight years old. I am now sixty seven and my contact continues to this day.

My contact over this period of time includes many aspects of consciousness; I say that because consciousness itself can be used for communication travel and creation. This has been the main thread of my education from my ET star families, higher conscious beings, Non-human intelligences (NHI), and multidimensional beings. Whichever label you are comfortable with.

One of the most important implications of the contact experience is that the contact itself is not yet fully understood. My role is to explain my lifelong interactions in a manner that is acceptable and coherently understandable by those who are seeking more knowledge of their own experiences, with answers to their questions.

The fact that we are not alone and that there are many experiencers like myself who have been asked to speak out, is a huge leap for most people.

I know when two of my ET guides materialized in my bedroom, a few years ago and asked me to write and speak about my life long interactions with them. I did say "but what happens if people do not believe me" The reply was it does not matter whether people believe you or not, what is important is that you speak of your interactions with us, and other non-human intelligences.

I did not understand that at the time but I have been writing and speaking now for a couple of years. I wrote my first book Spiritual Consciousness - A Personal Journey. A second book co-authored with Melissa Kennedy and Edgar Yohe entitled, Tap into Universal Energy. I have to admit I am surprised by the interest in the subject I have not received any negative comments when either speaking to groups or about the books.

There is clearly a need for this type of information. I have met many experiencers like myself who have been asked to speak out. The feedback I receive from them is also positive.

We experiencers are regular people with abilities to make contact with non- human intelligences. As a human species, we now have to expand on that to realize life and the universe is much greater and larger than we comprehend. All my experiences have been positive, that is an important message as many are fearful.

My ET guides are here to assist in our evolution both with a level of understanding of consciousness with all life. I am informed that we are moving towards the golden years for Humanity with our own new technologies and shared technologies with our ET star families. These are exciting times ahead for our species, for Humanity. We are in a position to create a new society we desire for our children, for our future generations, a society we will co-create with our ET star families that will include them.

I have a website www.kevinjbriggs.com I have uploaded some interviews click onto events and media that will give access if you are interested in more information. My email is kevinjamesbriggs@gmail.com


An Important Implication of Contact with Extraterrestrials

By Nadine Lalichem>

During my early years of ET contact, all of the events were perceived through a perspective of paralyzing dread and fear. Over time, as I recognized that I was surviving the experiences, an intense curiosity to understand began to grow. Eventually, the curiosity outweighed the fear and I began researching the phenomenon. Thankfully, I am an optimist; my goal has been to make positive use of everything that comes my way. Therefore, I was determined to find something good or useful within the challenge.

Because the spiritual life has also intrigued me, I spent a good deal of time over several decades studying various spiritual philosophies. I came to believe in a Universal Intelligence that operates within all creation, and that it is more expansive and orderly than we could ever imagine. I also came to believe that manifestation in our third dimension may originate in the invisible realm. With this foundation of faith, the complicated implications of the ET phenomenon supported the probability of abundant, intelligent life in the Universe.

By the early 2000s, I began closely examining the details from my own experiences, and later familiarized myself with the phenomenon worldwide. I found many aspects of extraterrestrial contacts, such as the ET’s creation of hybrids, quite disturbing. Yet, when I considered the damage humanity is inflicting upon our planet and each other, it became evident that we are a species in crisis and very much in need of intervention. Numerous incidents have transpired when our nuclear missiles were rendered inoperative through UFO interference. These events demonstrate the reality of non-terrestrial crafts and intelligent beings who are aware of our behavior and concerned about our infantile handling of power. There have also been instances when UFOs and ETs have appeared in such a way as to suggest they want us to become aware that they exist, such as in the Phoenix lights incident.

The implications of contact between humans and extraterrestrials are considerable. When it becomes accepted by a majority of humanity that intelligent life exists outside our planet, there will be great potential for the human consciousness to evolve. An intelligent mind needs to be discerning, but consciousness must also be free from dogma before it can perceive and explore a greater potential. Recognizing the tremendous intelligence that would be required by an alien race to navigate the universe, the human ego which has run rampant for too long might experience a new humility. As a more humble race, we would recognize ourselves as juveniles and hopefully become more teachable. With greater humility, we might recognize and respect the Earth and all of the living beings who share our planet. Eventually, it might lead to the demise of the military and political corruption that has held us in bondage for centuries. If we hope to survive as a species and solve the multitude of crises facing our planet, conscious contact with benevolent extraterrestrials could expand our knowledge, and inspire us to behave with greater integrity, compassion, and cooperation for the good of all.


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