Tough Challenges After Admitting the NHI Presence

 By Giorgio Piacenza


Basic patterns from several contact experiencers responding to the FREE, MUFON, and Kenneth Ring’s (1980) “Omega Project” surveys (besides literature from classic individual cases of “space brother” contactees in the U.S. and Italy, Latin America, Africa, and Switzerland and besides abduction research books like those of Whitley Strieber, Budd Hopkins, John Mack, Kathleen Marden, and Mary Rodwell), it seems that we are dealing with a variety of non-human intelligences (NHI) that can function in physical and non-physical ways. From these accounts we surmise that they seem to move in and out of our reality and/or manipulate it (perhaps by using non-physical realities that can change probable space-time events). Moreover, at times, the NHIs physical components appear to be completely resonant with ours while, at other times, only partially so and, every so often, even resonant with a more fundamental (and completely non-physical) level of reality. Therefore, the subject matter of UFOs and NHIs is challenging complex and requires a major shift in understanding. The question is, what will it demand of human society and can society live with it?

Implications of Contact
Implications of Contact - artwork by Scott Browne

Due to a lack of more specifically applied, academically agreed-upon terms, ad hoc words in reference to non-physical realities (for instance, “astral” or “subtle”) are being used to describe a mind-responding ontological level that - under certain conditions - can produce physical effects, temporal anomalies, and synchronicities, approximately as described by Carl Jung, Henry Corbin, and Cynthia Bourgeault, the last two imbued of the concept of “the imaginal.” All of this implies that (even in relation to UFOS and their effects), humanity will have to become more conversant with what is often called the “psychic,” or “the world of spirits,” or “the interdimensional,” and “paranormal,” an issue that axial age-derived religions preferably pointing towards God and transcendence and modern materialist scientists have – for the most part – preferred to avoid. But the importance of the aforementioned “world of spirits” or “middle world” in the great chain of being cannot be ignored if we are to fully understand UFOs and NHIs. Moreover, humanity will have to learn to wisely integrate all of these realms as much as learn to wisely manage much more advanced “transdimensional” or “inter-ontological” technology, just as most NHI associated with UFOs seem to have done. Furthermore, the process of reconciling humanity to a multi-physical, multi-temporal, multi-dimensional cosmic community of NHIs that may have (as indicated by many contact experiencers) historically participated in our earthly existence is bound to be another major conceptual and cultural challenge.

What Do These Challenges Entail?

So, if any of this is true (as I think it is) and such uniqueness is required for us to understand the “contact experience,” how far and wide is the challenge? Our inadequacy shows in the fact that we tend to indistinctly use the words “dimensions,” “vibratory levels,” and “densities” for all these cases, not clearly understanding the relation between ontological continuity and discontinuity with sufficient nuance. In other words, even those of us generally willing to accept the evidence for other realities and for NHI tend to oversimplify the situation.

I think that the challenges entail a major, unprecedented (voluntary or imposed) growth process beyond our one-dimensional, parochial, ethnically-biased, individualist identifications; beyond materialism and beyond our attachments to limited – even if partially correct - cultural explanations. Adaptation to NHI reality would demand an unprecedented worldwide educational and cultural awakening to more comprehensive meanings, fearlessly accepting the ‘otherworldly’ for its importance in terms of who we are, what we believe in, and how we should relate with each other and nature. It would entail – as in premodern times – recognizing that the ‘otherworldly’ is actually here with us as a living connection overcoming the limitations of space and time; an expression of a sacred unity closer to Source. It would entail modifying those things that we are typically reticent to modify: our limited cultures, worldviews, religions, partial identities, and xenophobic biases. It would also entail modifying our economic and political systems and personal habits in order to protect and enhance our planetary ecology, as most Non-Human civilizations seem to have done according to data from contact experiencers.

Extrapolating from individual contact experiences (which reveal that direct contact with NHI tends to be beneficial in terms of personal ethics) we would expect that worldwide Disclosure-confirmation of NHI presence could also be – in the long run - beneficent for society.  It’s the inspiring fact of interacting more closely with the energies of beings that perceive more unity and connection throughout all of existence or creation.  A good source of this data is the (2013-2018) FREE foundation, anonymous, scientific survey to which 4000+ alleged contact experiencers from 100+ countries responded in the English language. FREE stands for The Edgard Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters and has now been replaced by the Consciousness and Contact Research Institute. Most of the contact experiences with UFO-related NHI basically were reported as constructive or evolution-promoting experiences. Moreover, most also involved non-physical and “paranormal” events, including a variety of non-physical contact modalities.

As previously mentioned, much the same can be said about the 2015-17 MUFON experiencer survey systematized by Kathleen Marden, Dr. Don Donderi et al, and about a previous survey conducted by Dr. Kenneth Ring around 1980. In both cases, a majority of contact experiencers became more concerned with caring and protecting the planet and its lifeforms. They also became less materialistic, more responsible, more tolerant and more understanding of others.  In other words, their “consciousness expanded” in the sense that their ethical concerns became more inclusive. Remarkably, this expansion in personal ethics is also similar to effects reported after advanced Near-Death experiences, related to personally meeting (and telepathically combining) one’s awareness with that of a being with more ample perspectival understanding. Obviously, the resulting ethics coincides with the messages of universal unity, responsibility for “creation,” “love” and “universal brotherhood” transmitted to classic individual contactees like George Adamski, Howard Menger, Orfeo Angelucci, Dana Howard, Elizabeth Klarer, Gaspare de Lama, Eugenio Siragusa (in the 1950s) and, in more recent times, to Eduard “Billy” Meier, Enrique Castillo-Rincon, Sixto Paz, Luis Fernando Mostajo, and Ricardo Gonzalez.

The Shift

Clearly, we need to update our perspectives and change because we are destroying our world.

Due to official evidence brought forth since 2017 to the general public and to the U.S. Congress by members of To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences, ufologists, contact experiencers, and people in general that understand that our planet is indeed being frequented by NHIs are gaining more respectability. Hopefully, they may again receive more support from yet another official recognition that such a presence might indeed be among the valid possibilities behind the UFO phenomenon.

A report from intelligence agencies about UFOs is going to be given to the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee in late June, 2021. How much will it be revealed is unknown. However, reasonably speaking, this and the possibility of future congressional hearings on UFOs (also now more technically known as UAPs) should not just promote the legitimization of ufology and of NHI-related contact experiences, but also greater worldwide interest and a worldwide conversation about what it may all mean.

But as people start realizing that the “rabbit hole” may be much deeper than expected, many individuals will want to know how much is already known but has been kept under extreme secrecy (perhaps in some Unacknowledged Special Access Projects administered by a small group) as evidence accumulated at least since the beginning of “ufology’s modern era” in the 1940s. Many will want to know if game-changing technology rests in the hands of a military-industrial complex, perhaps syphoned into private corporations. Others will want to know about the legality of it all and how much public funds have been invested. Furthermore, the military, corporations, and secret committees involved will likely have to explain as best as they can that which they can safely reveal and why it has been kept secret for so long.

Multidimensional Thinking

Comprehensively adapting to a more complex, multi-level of reality (that relates physical as well as psychic and ‘paranormal’ phenomena) and to the need for a more inclusive ethics of inner higher-dimensional connections will require major corrections and enhancements to our worldviews, leading to a major reorganization of our still-too-divisive and tribalistic world affairs. The road to understanding will have to unfold carefully, in a way that doesn’t subdivide us even further, especially since many conflicting countries still possess nuclear weapons. We will have to find balanced, in fact, “integrative” common denominator ideologies recognizing multiple truths, poised between mental-spiritual openness with ideals and positive feelings and objective fact-checking. We will need to dig for deeper understandings within our traditions and methods, see how they connect, be open to correction, and boost cooperation and agreement on a world scale never seen before. We need to become one large planetary tribe and gradually join a cosmic tribe.

Moreover, to become truly conversant (beyond basic wishes, generalities, and the initial sharing of sentiments) with beings that transcend space-time limitations, whose cultures are grounded in the premise of universal connectedness, we would have to overcome our instinctive, short-term, survival-based dependence on objectification, separateness, simplified generalizations, and dichotomous thinking habits constantly leading us into “us vs. them” xenophobic tribes. And, if (by means of cultural and psychological adaptive responses) we cannot actualize this possibility allegedly present in our human nature and the need to relate more directly with NHI intensifies, we may have to rely on artificially modifying our genetic endowment or perhaps – unfortunately – resort to an even more surveilled and controlled society. How we balance technology with consciousness may be the key to keeping a humane future.

Another possibility would be to accept (hopefully without losing sovereignty) the continuation of some of the alleged hybridization programs described by many contact experiencers. Regarding this, the issue of “soul contracts” agreeing to participate in such (and related) programs would have to be seriously studied. Once again, comfort with otherworldly issues will be part of our adaptation. And to do this, telepathy, out-of-body projection, mediumship, and propitiating contact experiences would have to be methodically explored to obtain and verify more information. 

Finally, we might need to learn what is truly real or not behind the varieties of ascensionist messages that have been “channeled” or perhaps even received during physical and multidimensional contact experiences. These messages typically claim that the planet is moving into a higher “vibrational level” or “higher dimension” and that some of us will adapt and move with it, while others may need to continue their evolution elsewhere. However, I believe that such messages may lead to escapist, spiritually individualist strategies and to the avoidance of personal responsibility for cleaning the planet and participating in the arduous task of coming together as a unified world civilization that humanely reorganizes its politics and economy.

More Consequences

Acknowledging the reality of the contact experience also entails a deep recognition and/or reassessment of NHI rights to manifest or “move about” in our reality. But, what about ‘our’ restricted air spaces, and their (often unexpected) interactions with us, sometimes without our initial conscious consent under what can be legally considered an illicit seizure? Do they do this because they are more evolved and “know better?” We would need to reassess if they indeed have the right to do these things and if – in a sense - they are like our parents, caretakers and/or scientist experimenters, maybe even if (especially in the case of human-looking aliens) they are us in a probable future… coming back to help themselves and us.

Acknowledging the reality of the contact experience associated with advanced (even “transdimensional” or “multi ontological”) technology would prompt scientists and governments from all over the world to try to obtain such technology but are we ready for the geopolitical dangers?  

The technology would be so potentially dangerous that we would have to be able to manage it responsibly under international oversight. But for openly sharing it we would need a completely different type of humanity. Once again, this would require the (currently unlikely) overcoming our unending production of disputes and voluntarily, coming together as one species worldwide. However, a cursory view of the global situation today reveals the continued resurgence of distrust and a weakening (or at least instability) of the international order, modern institutions, democratic values, rational meaning-making, and multilateral agreements accompanied by an outpouring of transnational and financial power, all of which indicates that there still is much work to do.  

Acknowledging the reality of the contact experience associated to advanced NHI put an end to our anthropocentric pride, making us feel puny unless we are able to shift our focus, by learning that we are earthly and cosmic creatures that have received genetic contributions from several advanced cosmic species, making us potentially superior to most of them, especially if we actualize this potential responsibly, carefully, and lovingly. 

Now, let’s not forget about religions. According to Ted Peters’ “ETI Religious Crisis Survey,” most religious people would be able to adapt to the fact of NHI. Of course, that is easier said before it is realized that doctrinal details do not coincide with information derived from contact. And, in particular, the most fundamentalist, conservative religions would probably hold on to an exclusive anthropocentric concept and consider such beings deceiving spirits or demons. However, the sense of an ultimately incomprehensible loving Source of being from which all arises (as reiterated in many contact experiences) will not be lost.

After a widespread, formalized acknowledgement of the NHI presence (or at least of its possibility), some scientists will explain their previous lack of interest and/or close-minded skepticism and will feel safe enough to start researching the subject in earnest. They along with many philosophers - will indeed need to complexify their thinking to include a more complex “multidimensional order.”

We will collectively realize across cultures that most of humanity has been oblivious to our origins and much of the action going on in the cosmos, that our history is incomplete, that being born as humans possibly occludes clear awareness but that we are in need to change course for which we must cross the threshold of waking up to a larger reality and to realize great unfathomed potentials.

What Else May Happen?

Hopefully, under the request of a few nation-state members, the United Nations will activate decision 33/426 and - at the very least - establish a UFO research office.   

Bona fide contactees will probably be sought after and, perhaps, publicly and scientifically verifiable interactions with willing NHI will increase. Then again, NHI will likely, continue contacting us gradually. And unless openly invaded and forced to accept the NHI presence and be acculturated by it (which I doubt), voluntary and spontaneous cultural evolution and syncretism will probably take place, requiring several centuries to the point in which we collectively see each other as one peacefully, self-determining global civilization capable of responsibly participating in a service-to-others, peaceful cosmic community.

Precursors to NHI-related, spacetime-modifying devices (like quantum computers, more advanced AI, life-like automation, genetic engineering, consciousness enhancing technologies and so on) will come out and they will also accelerate cultural transformations. Some NHI-derived technologies might be released, for instance, to revert global warming trends and save us from ecological catastrophe. Reliance on fossil fuels will sooner or later be replaced by cleaner technologies.  

New “prime” contactees will likely continue to appear in the future and probably assist in the creation of small contact committees while scientists, UFO researchers, contact researchers, and journalists will probably be given more opportunities to verify contact interactions.  CE-5 and other such practices will likely become more popular also increasing the chances of further interaction with NHI. Long-term, peaceful interactions with NHI will enhance the public trust so that humanity can continue moving forward, inspired by the prospects without fear.

Technologies and observation posts to distinguish NHI vehicles from drones and human-made objects will have to be deployed, especially between conflicting nation-states poised against each other with nuclear weapons.

If underground-underwater NHI bases are confirmed, some located in ‘our’ national territories, there might be covert and overt attempts to reach them (especially if they coincide with our physical ‘vibratory’ level) and this might cause some friction with “the others.” This could be one of the political decision-making challenges.     

What About Exopolitics?

Trying to answer several broad questions will become necessary. How have other civilizations fared in a technological-advanced, post-industrial age? How did they manage to survive? What policies should we coordinate internationally about the NHI? How do we negotiate with them? Who represents humanity?

Exopolitics (as an interdisciplinary discipline that includes public education, the effort of introducing new paradigms in society, the study of all major political ‘actors’ related to human-NHI interaction, the creation of policies that deal with the NHI presence, and even as research into the characteristics of a “cosmic community”) should become more relevant but it should also distinguish itself by carefully vetting any plausible necessary information.

As per the creation of policies, we will also need more knowledge and intelligence-gathering about a possible minority of genuinely nefarious or negative NHI civilizations (some also apparently willing and able to interact with us). We should also be involved in tightening our ties with benign-protective NHI civilizations and/or their assumed associations, alliances. 

Sociological and Economic Effects

The potential impact of official Disclosure/confirmation of the NHI presence should gradually influence how we solve problems since global society is expected to move into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, probably implementing recently anticipated changes in governance and trade such as “multistakeholder governance” (as publicly proposed in the World Economic Forum (WEF) and relevant participants in the Davos Forum since January 2021). Another name for it is “The Great Reset.”

Whether this “reset” is mostly based on a shift into “green consciousness” on the part of relevant corporate investors, industrialists, and financiers, is yet another self-serving way to increase control and monopolies or is a bit of both, it is likely to displace the liberal, multilateral world order that seems unable to come together to solve today’s global problems.

Nevertheless, Disclosure/confirmation may happen during this “reset” and it should influence it at least if the powerful realize that there may be ‘others’ even more powerful than them.

Realizing that the more advanced, yet mysterious ‘players’ don’t act as we do would should influence any practical reorganizing in trade and governance, especially by restructuring how we think about reality and about ourselves, how we benefit, exploit or manage the environment, why our continuous bickering endangers us and how we may find common ground.

And how shall we treat the military segments and likely private corporations and contractors “in the know,” that have acquired technology and have probably been making some decisions in a certain sense representing all of humanity? Can we exonerate and understand them because they do not have the luxury of just trusting contactee messages regarding that all NHI will be benevolent or that we will always be well-protected from the nefarious varieties by other ones?  Will some governments try to get favors from specific NHI in dire need of something? Will NHI reassert through force their right to move about and to continue to conduct their activities until we are not considered an immature species?

And, since the UFO community is often suffused by mythic-like belief systems and, often, by great expectations, in order to provide a good leading example to the rest of humanity (besides our open-mindedness and often associated interest in the role of consciousness and multidimensionality), we will have to learn to be more careful in how we treat allegedly valid information and learn to sort out feeling-based and belief-based interpretations which do not stand the test of reason, evidence and objectivity.

Then again, closed-minded realists and materialists, sectarian religious fanatics, cynical and corrupt, self-serving political leaders, military-industrial UFO secret-keepers, power-driven tycoons, and an otherwise ignorant or indifferent population will have to come to terms with the inadequacy of their worldviews, be willing to reassess and personally evolve. Educational policies will have to be implemented to prepare the new generations for advanced information, but also to understand unifying principles, have greater self-control, critical thinking, ethics, and psychic capacities. We will also need to connect the partial truths in political ideologies, philosophies and religions, correct their partial errors, and even be willing to learn from children and adults that have been taught during genuine contact experiences.  

Further Details

Thus, in many ways, Disclosure/confirmation of the NHI presence will be an extremely challenging, collective growing up. Moreover, it will require the active promotion of international trust and learning to live with the NHI presence under well-balanced and practical international agreements. Obviously, I don’t expect this to happen in a few decades but in centuries.

There may indeed be “higher levels of consciousness” (or “unity consciousness”) and universal principles derived from a Creative Source, principles under which humanity can come together and, by doing so, also preserve and enhance democracy and world cooperation, maintain personal freedom, self-determination, self-realization, getting closer to a way of life similar to what George Adamski and other contactees have allegedly been told about “life in the Confederation.”

But we must balance desire, enthusiasm, and vision with the practical steps we must take to reach that stage. I think that people are generally quick to accept a vision or a dream as long as they avoid the need to come together to correct their mistakes, listen to each other adequate and mistaken views, deal with domineering personalities, disagree, find common ground once again, and make decisions. Serious contactee messengers (like Ricardo Gonzalez) usually transmit that no automatic fourth or fifth dimensional ascension process or NHI help will replace the hard, collective work that we need to do and I agree. No one is going to save us right away but as we grow, NHI may be able to cooperate a bit more without creating dependencies.

We normally resist letting go of belief systems or modifying them. Unless we are also sufficiently forced by circumstances, we are slow to agree interculturally, inter-ethnically, inter-politically and have seldom thought about modifying our (likely innate), biased divisive tendencies perhaps selected unto us by evolving in a dense physical world, and (according to some contactees like Roberto Vargas de la Gala) influenced by genetic contributions from “retarding” and “forward-moving” NHI species.  However, culture does have a big impact on behavior and it is something that can change. But to do that, we also have to preserve our rational meaning-making capacities now challenged in a “post-truth” era of manipulative outrageous information and business-promoting algorithms. So how are we going to incorporate much more complex and culturally challenging information?

Will collectivist societies adapt much more to the presence of NHIs? How much are we able to live for the common good without losing our individuality and democratic freedoms? Can we actually live like some NHI societies are said to live? For instance, in more conscious but also technologically advanced worlds in which they own nothing and have no privacy? Or - in relation to how our human nature currently expresses - such a utopia would always be accompanied by a form of dictatorship?

A recent proposal presented to the World Economic Forum resembled some of the descriptions of life in service-to-other planets of “The Confederation.” It appeared in a 2016 article by the Dane Ida Auken. It was originally titled “Welcome To 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy and Life Has Never Been Better” and, of course, there was a great resistance and had to be modified. But it reminds us that, allegedly, in many planets of the Confederation, public property products are used as individually needed for which individuals really need to own very little or nothing at all. Moreover, in a sense, there is no privacy in those planets, not necessarily because of mass surveillance or “Big Data” as how things are happening today on Earth, but due to telepathy, people cannot lie or hide their intentions to each other. Once again, can we live like this adapting ourselves through culture, education, spirituality, cooperation and a supportive social system or do we need “higher vibrations” around us and/or a genetic enhancement?

Final Thoughts

The ontological shock of knowing that other intelligences are on the planet interacting with us, that there may be – for the most part - little we can do about it (besides some spiritually-related forms of claiming our spiritual sovereignty), that we may have been involved with them for eons, that understanding their organization principles may be necessary to think differently and develop a viable society with related technologies is… unparalleled.  

Incorporating multidimensional thinking in our cultures, involving psychic and paranormal functioning, spirituality and consciousness as we aim to reorganize ourselves is daunting. And all of it happening along with the urgent need to solve the snowballing ecological crisis and the need to come together to create a healthier economic and political system. Such troubles should slap us out of our cynicism and business-as-usual complacency.

In sum, the challenges of admitting the NHI presence are truly immense, almost chimerical, and they amount to a great taxing of our human nature or, perhaps, may require its - artificial - modification and/or an unprecedented actualization of its potentials. However, there seems to be no way to avoid facing this situation if we want to continue and prosper.


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