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Editor's Note: this is part 2 of a 2-part interview Paola Harris conducted with Enrique Villanueva on 16 August 2015.
The interview was conducted in English with Enrique who is Spanish speaking.

It has been edited for clarity / readability.

You can read part 1 here: Paola Harris interviews Enrique Villanueva (part 1)


Enrique Villanueva
Enrique Villanueva


PH: We were talking earlier about contact, and I was saying that we are not really prepared for contact because these people are so above us; they are so evolved, to the point that I don’t know what kind of conversation or connection we could have with these people. But you can have a heart connection, and I added that you must be a good person to have a heart connection.

EV: Well, you can just be a person. I don’t think they notice a person who is good or bad, I don’t think they judge us that way. They only see who is reaching out now, who is close to you. I don’t believe in good people or bad people any more. I think we all have the potential of just opening our hearts. I have seen people who have been in high positions for a very long time, to become so humble in front of these beings. So I think we all have the potential to raise our consciousness.

PH: When you say raise the vibration, does that mean that people have to be, at that particular moment, on a certain vibratory level for them to communicate? And does that mean always using meditation to get to that level?


EV: No, not always meditation, because you can have the attitude of meditation even when you are awake. If you have been practicing meditation for a long time, you can be in a state of meditation even when you are talking to people, buying in the stores. So I think the goal is to try to get that level of balance, of inner balance between your physical, your mental and your spiritual.

PH: Tell me, when you got this inner balance, did it come as the result of a tragedy, or was it training? How did you get to the inner balance part?

EV: The aliens mentioned that there was a state of consciousness called the fourth dimension of consciousness. In RAHMA, we talk about this as a level that we have not reached as humankind. In the seventies and eighties, we talked about this. But I was not interested in the fourth dimension. I was more interested in the sightings. I wanted the ship to come down; I wanted to have another encounter with these beings. I was all for that. But then, they invited me to have this visit inside their ship. And I thought I was ready. I even said explicitly, I am ready for this.

PH: Where was this?

EV: This was at the RAHMA location in Lima. There was an open sky, we saw the ship passing, my friends all said, “Look at that!” and I said, “I’m bored with that, I need to be inside. It is time for me to have this experience.”
That same night, around three a.m., I felt the energy, the buzzing sound I had felt going through my head before. This time it was going through my chest. I was sleeping and then I felt like “zzz, zzz.” The buzzing sound was going through my chest, coming from my back. Then I opened my eyes and saw this being. He was so huge; his head was like this, trying not to touch the ceiling of my room. His hands were like this, and blue light was coming from his hands into my chest, just like that. I thought, “This must be a dream.” But I looked at him and I thought, “But this seems very real.” I was trying to receive the messages, so I stretched my hand and he touched my hand. He took my hand, and he was so huge that he was already on the other side of the bed. I felt his hand, and I felt the warm feeling of it. I thought, “I’m awake!” and then I looked to the side and there was a window to my side of the bed. I noticed this bright light pulsating and coming from the side. Then I looked at him and he asked me, “Are you ready?” Not in words, but the feeling of “Are you ready?” And...I was not ready.

PH: I can understand that.

EV: I let go of his hand, I went back and I said, “No, I cannot do it. I’m sorry.” I said I was sorry. You ask for so much, and when the moment comes, you cannot handle it.

PH: I know. It’s terrifying. Were you ever ready? Did you ever have that experience?

EV: Months later, because he left me after that, he told me, “It’s okay, there will be another time.” He went away. Actually, he didn’t go away, he stepped close to me and put his hands in, and I went unconscious. I woke up feeling like the whole room was moving like this, like I was really drunk the night before. I had to run to the bathroom and I was sick. I expelled something; it was like a dark stone, very hard. I was told that that was some kind of healing that he did to my body that night.
About six months later, I was invited to have this experience but he told me in a dream, “We are inviting you and Renzo and Miguel, all the friends of the group.” But we were not supposed to talk to each other. We were supposed to arrive at the location and at the time that they told us. So I went there, without saying anything. I took my backpack and my sleeping bag. I arrived at the place, and it was far away from any cities or anything. I waited the first night for my friends, not for the aliens. My friends did not arrive. The next night, I was so afraid because I saw the ships at night. I told them, “I’m not ready to have an experience without my friends. I don’t want to have it.” I went to sleep. This place in the desert is surrounded by little hills, and there is a pass between the hills. I woke up around five a.m. and I noticed that a very thick, bright white mist was coming from that pass toward me. When I saw that, I thought, “That is not normal. I don’t want to be here.” But that was the only way back to the highway. So I thought, “I’m not going to stay and let that thing reach me here.” I immediately got my sleeping bag and my backpack and started walking. I didn’t want to see it, I just walked and walked and walked.

PH: Did you even think it might be a Xendra?

EV: No. That normally forms with a specific shape like a dome. This thing was a thick mist. So I walked and walked toward the pass by the hills, and suddenly I was inside the mist. I stopped and I heard steps close to me. I thought, “Maybe it’s the echo of my own steps, it’s all right,” and I kept walking. Suddenly, there was a sound that made my hairs stand up. It was like the sound of a big plank of metal hitting the ground, a loud ringing sound, in the middle of nothing. And that was so close that I just stood there and I prayed to God that they would not approach. I was like, “Please, I am not ready to have this experience today.” I noticed as I stopped that there was something that was either producing or absorbing the mist, though I don’t know which. Something was moving to my left and when I tried to turn around, I noticed the silhouette of a very tall guy, at least nine feet tall, just standing there. Then I was getting close to the highway, the bus stop. I got on the bus and looked at the time, and it was one p.m. I don’t know, it’s four hours from there to the highway, it should only have been about nine a.m. I lost several hours there.

PH: And you don’t know what happened?

EV: I’m a hypnotherapist, and I used self-hypnosis. I had reached a place where I turned to this guy. He extended his hand and led me to this …, kind of like an arc. I went through that and we were inside this space that had like an orange color, and we went under those things...and that’s it. I don’t remember anything after that.

PH: Do you think maybe he took you to where he was from, and it was done through a portal of some kind?

EV: I know for sure he took me to some place and he gave me some information that I needed to know about my path in a different country. I know for sure that he gave me some kind of subconscious instruction, something I was supposed to follow that I shouldn’t remember consciously. So in a way, you are sent to a different place. After that experience, I almost drowned in the ocean. I was swimming with my friends in Lima, very early in the morning, and suddenly the ocean became crazy while my friends were sleeping on their towels. I was fighting by myself and I remember that I thought, “Maybe this is the day I’m going to die. There is no one. My friends are sleeping, and it is very early.” And then I asked, “I would like to have five minutes to say goodbye to my family, my friends, or to anybody.” I was fighting and fighting, and suddenly I saw someone swimming out toward me. This guy seemed strong, and was maybe fifty meters from me, and I thought, “This is an angel that someone sent to rescue me.” When he was about five meters away from me, he lifted his face and he said to me, “Friend, please help me, I’m drowning here!”

PH: He told you that?

EV: Yes, he told me that. So I thought, “Now the two of us are in trouble.” I could not believe it. “What kind of a sick joke is this?” Confronting God at the moment, I gave it back to the guy and I said, “I don’t care, I don’t want to die today.” I looked at the shore and tried to swim, but I realized, if I leave this guy here, if I get out without him, I’m as dead as I am right now. At least, he’s the only family I have. He’s the family I was asking for. What am I running from?

PH: Did you recognize him as an extraterrestrial, or was he human?

EV: No, he was human. I knew he was human. So I stopped swimming and I got close to him. He was very scared. I told him, “We’re going to get out of this together. Either we get out together or we go to the other side together, but it’s okay.” We stopped fighting together and there was a moment when we couldn’t fight any more. We were so heavy in our arms and legs. It’s like the ocean went back, it just pulled all the water back and as much as we tried, it just kept pulling and pulling. Then we realized we wouldn’t fight any more. But I was so proud of this warrior by my side. I was in love with humanity and I realized that he was okay, that this was the best way to go. I couldn’t say anything else. I just looked at him and smiled, and he realized that that was our moment. That was it. Then there was like an explosion of light from my chest in every direction, and the ocean just relaxed completely. We were like, “What happened?” It was like the moment I accepted death, and I accepted peace, then the whole ocean became peaceful. We went out of the water, and I just left him at the shore, I didn’t even ask for his name or anything, I just walked toward my towel. Then my friend woke up and told me he had had a dream that we were going to go to the United States, and would be there for a while. I said, “Yes, I think so.”

PH: Oh, so that’s how you’re here.

EV: I realized that we are not here by ourselves. At that moment, I realized we are here for the others. If I had tried to save myself that day, I would probably have died. He saved me. I realized that every time you save someone, you save yourself. You save humankind. I knew I was meant to go to some special place. I applied for visas to the United States, China, Russia. The United States gave me the visa, so I came here. I realized that we are like a needle in acupuncture. You are located in exactly the spot you need to be in order to activate the need that is in that place. In RAHMA, you always talk about the number 33 as an activator of consciousness. I think here in California we are passing through the 33. I’m not sure but somebody told me that. It’s like we are located in a specific location for our research. And I’m sure that that suggestion that was put in my mind is related to whatever I’m doing here.

PH: Your story is so interesting. You had an incident in Shasta - would you talk about that?

EV: I had many incidents in Shasta, I’m not sure which one you’re referring to.

PH: You had many incidents of physical contact in Shasta?

EV: No. In Shasta, physical contact, just one. It was in 2012, on the twenty-first or twenty-second of September. We were camping, and at one point, I had separated from the group, looking for someone. I felt a light so bright in that specific location of the open forest, and I remained there, thinking that maybe I was going to meditate. In the distance, about fifty meters away, there was a hill. Behind the trees, I noticed some people. I thought they were hikers from Shasta City. They looked like young people. They were wearing suits like people who ride the bicycles, but they were white, and their hair was long and blond. At that moment, I didn’t think much about it, because it’s not a common place to have an encounter during the day. So I thought there must be some hikers there. So I just tried to continue my meditation. Then I felt something, and I looked up. One of the guys from the group walked toward the front of the hill, and he lifted his hand. He had blond hair, he was very muscular, but not as tall as the first guy I saw years ago. Then I got a sense of the name of this guy; it was Sampiac. We in RAHMA have communicated with him through psychography [Editor’s note: = automatic writing]. He is supposed to be from the bases on Venus. They have colonies from the Pleiades. So this guy gave a salute like that, and I thought, “Just stay there, and send me whatever information you want me to have. I cannot handle this again.”
From their group in the back, a woman started walking down the hill. It was definitely a female figure, wearing high boots. She walked in a straight line down the hill, and then she turned and walked this way. Like she was on a kind of catwalk or something. It was weird because when I heard the sound of her steps, I turned my face to look down and her feet were not touching the ground. That really shocked me. I remember thinking this was not normal. I was sitting on a piece of wood, and I just closed my eyes. I heard her steps getting closer until she was right here. Then it felt like she was holding me, and that she made me remember the moments when we were together in the past. In this lifetime, and in some other place I can’t remember. Maybe she showed me some kind of imagery that doesn’t exist, but made me feel comfortable.
I remembered how, in the year 1995, I was driving my car in the city when my heart felt very agitated. I stopped because I thought I was going to have a heart attack or something. Then I realized there was an energy putting pressure on my chest. At that moment, I said, “I just want to know what is going on? This is not me. What ‘s happening?” I closed my eyes and I saw my vision going to the sky. I saw this thing coming, like a spiral, swirling there. It stopped, and I saw the letters of a newspaper, and it said “Accidente aéreo.” And the A from each of the words appeared, one red and one blue, and I knew it was the logo of American Airlines. Immediately I saw myself inside the plane and I noticed the people. Then from the middle, somebody yelled something and some people tried to look at the thing; and then there was a sudden, violent explosion from the front.  Then I was inside the plane again, and someone said, “Look at this,” and then I heard the explosion again. It was like a repetition of the same thing, over and over. Then I noticed this yellow light outside the plane, through the windows. And I knew that it was not normal. Then somebody spoke to me and pulled me out of my vision, I thought, “This is happening, and I have to do something to avoid it.” I started working with my mind, trying to protect the plane with white light, and whatever they taught me in RAHMA, I used it that day. But I was working so fast, hour by hour. When I went back home, I turned on the TV and in the news there was this airplane from American Airlines that had crashed into the mountains of Columbia. Ninety-something people were on that plane. I was so pissed off, I was so mad that day... “Why do you have that ability if you’re not able to use it?”
I remember that I went to my room, I was crying and angry and I complained about it. I said, “You don’t give me this thing, I don’t need it. Do something.” I went to my bed and then I felt this energy again. It was night, and there was debris all over the place, planes and everything. This ship was stationary on top of the location. That’s not what you see in the news, but I saw it. I saw these beings standing there between them, this female, and that was an attack.
That same woman was now in Shasta with me! She told me, “Tonight, names are not important. You’re here. Do the job that humankind is supposed to do. Because we are not saving anybody, we are teaching you how to save yourselves.”
I asked her, “Why didn’t you protect the airplane? You were there. You could have used your technology to just make it descend peacefully.” She told me, “Sometimes we do. We have to alter time. And sometimes we cannot, because of the karma or the energy created by that particular population is too strong. In that case, you are the one who is supposed to help.”
I thought, “What am I supposed to do?” and she told me, “Look around.” There were like bubbles, spheres, and inside every sphere there was a person trapped in his own history of the accident. This gentleman was reading a magazine when he heard someone yelling. He looked, and then the explosion broke him, his shoulder. And then he repeated that over and over again. Then something approached him into the bubble and told him, “You’re done. This is over. It’s not real anymore.” Then she took him out, and it vanished. And he realized he was not in a physical body any more. She told me that what they did was to create a capsule of time around the event, because they know the energy can spread easily through the collective consciousness. If that happens, the whole vibration of humankind lowers.

PH: Into fear, right?

EV: They try to protect us from that collective fear in the group. Now that the event has happened, the energy is stuck there. Now the higher consciousness in humankind is supposed to fix that. So they call us. We do work without even knowing. Many of the people that were there, like me - they were not conscious. They thought it was just a dream at night. But we were doing the job. We were taking those consciousnesses out of fear. Then all together, we would grab hands when we got those people out, and we called them into like a cylinder going down. We entered, and these beings that did not have a physical body, they just went.

PH: It’s like a life-after-death experience with people who die violently.

EV: Yes. The aliens help us to be a buffer between those experiences.

PH: This is like the work you do, almost. Because you do a lot of work with troubled people. So this is what you’re supposed to do, right?

EV: Yes.

PH: But with a little extraterrestrial help, because you have the awareness of what this means in the overall scheme of things. You’re not just doing it because you’re a therapist and you have an hour. You’re doing it as part of an overall collective experience.

EV: Definitely. We are part of everything. We are helping the whole group to raise their consciousness.

PH: To end this, what advice could you give to those who are not at this level, how can we learn to think this way? Other than becoming vegetarian and meditating, which many people are doing now, how can we go there? What kind of thinking would help us?

EV: You mentioned fear. That is definitely the key. We have to realize that there are only two emotions: fear and love. One of them is real. The other is not. But whenever you focus your attention on fear, your all-powerful mind is creating the conditions of fear. So try to put all that power into the creation of what is loving, what is embracing, what is peaceful. We have that power; we can do it. But as we collectively are focusing only on fear, intentionally, we are creating more of it. So let’s search in our minds, let’s realize that we need to stop pointing at what we don’t want. If I realize that that action is really bringing me what I don’t want, then I will stop there and I will forgive myself for thinking that way. I am focusing now on the opposite, on embracing and loving and helping. And as long as I keep focusing on that, you will see the reality transforming in front of your eyes. Miracles happen when we shift our minds. The power is not moving physical stuff. The power is in the cause of all reality, and the cause is in the mind. You do not need a mind that is fearful; you need a mind that is loving. That will secure our position in a higher level of vibration.

PH: And then we will all be in the collective consciousness, ready to embrace contact.

EV: We are already there. But we cannot recognize that as long as we feel the fear.

PH: Thank you so much, this has been so enlightening and so wonderful.