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What if megalithic stone circles were electromagnetic receptors for alien telecommunication? What if they are still been used for this purpose?


Esteban Montana


This article presents evidence suggesting that ancient stone circles may have been used as electromagnetic receptors for alien communications similar to what is known today as satellite antennas. This evidence corresponds to anomalies of radio and microwave radiation found in the center of the Mitchell's Fold Stone Circle, United Kingdom.

Megalithic Communications
Could megalithic stonecircles be used for extraterrestrial communications?


The idea that extraterrestrial individuals were in contact with ancient civilizations was introduced in the science fiction narrative at the beginning of the nineteenth century (see for example Wilkins, 1946). Later on, this idea was popularized in the 1970s as a formal hypothesis by Eric von Däniken in his book Chariots of the Gods. This author offered arguments suggesting that a number of remains and narratives related to ancient societies (e.g. megalithic remains, miracles of the Bible, ancient Baghdad electric batteries, etc.) were associated with extraterrestrial technology (Von Däniken, 1973).

Nowadays the hypothesis of extraterrestrial contact with ancient civilizations is referred to as the Ancient Astronauts Theory and has attracted the attention of a number of investigators who claim that evidence supporting this theory can be found in archaeological remains, ancient art and iconography, among others (Dennett, 2008). For example, it has been argued that the Nazca Lines of Peru were a type of alien airport were alien spaceships landed and took off (Mason, 2009; Rutkowski, 2010).

In relation to megalithic remains, followers of the Ancient Astronauts Theory have introduced a number of arguments suggesting that these remains were built by aliens, or at least under their influence. Some of these arguments are based on the fact that these remains are too big to be created by ancient human technology (Alford, 1988; Penczak, 2007; Roberts, 2016). Other key facts that have been considered as proof of alien assistance are the astronomical and mathematical precision of the monuments design; the ancient alignment to planets and stars; and the similarities of megalithic across continents. For example, the megalithic stone site near Giza at Nabta in Egypt is aligned to the star Sirius and the constellation of Orion suggesting that they were used as navigation markers for UFOs (David, 2010). Likewise, it has been suggested that the Great Pyramids of Egypt were built by aliens who had advance knowledge of electromagnetic forces because these structures were designed to capture cosmic radiation (La Tulippe, 2016).

In spite of these facts, the scientific community remains skeptical, and the dominant academic view is that there is no actual evidence supporting the Ancient Astronaut and related theories (arguments against these theories can be found in Harrold and Eve, 1986; Hines, 1988; Elitzur, 1991; Patrick, 1994; Feder, 2015).

The disagreement between proponents of the Ancient Astronauts Theory and the orthodox scientific community has not prevented the former from exploring potential links between megalithic remains and alien intervention. On the contrary, an increasing interest has been placed on several local monumental remains that have been subject to much less coverture than the famous megalithic such as the great pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge, and statues of Easter Island, among others. A clear example is Mitchell's Fold Stone Circle located in Shropshire, UK. It corresponds to stones (the tallest 1.9 meters high) arranged in a rough circle with a diameter of about 28 meters. This monument was built during the Bronze Age approximately 3,000 years ago and contained initially thirty stones of which only fifteen have survived until today.

A significant number of UFO sightings of discs and triangles have been reported over the years around the area of Mitchell's Fold Stone Circle. It is argued that these sightings are related to the alignment of this site with the general area of Montgomery ley line(*). It is claimed that this alignment is used by extraterrestrial spacecraft as a point of navigation – or to refuel by tapping into the energy (Perks, 2012; UFO Centre, 2017; Rainford, 2017).

The objective of this article is to offer an alternative interpretation of stone circle monuments that apparently has not been proposed so far. That is, it is suggested the idea that these monuments were actually used as electromagnetic receptors for alien telecommunication similar of what is known today as satellite antennas. In order to support this possibility, evidence from an experiment carried out in Mitchell's Fold Stone Circle is presented. The results of this experiment revealed that Mitchell's Fold Stone Circle has the ability to channel radio and microwave radiation.


The methodology adopted in this investigation was designed to identify two potential electromagnetic anomalies in Mitchell's Fold Stone Circle that we would expect to find in a modern satellite antenna: (1) microwave radiation anomalies; and (2) EVP (Electronic voice phenomenon) anomalies. They are explained as follows.

Microwave anomalies

As explained in the introduction, the aim of this article is to present evidence supporting the idea that stone circle monuments were used as ancient alien satellite antennas. If this was true, then the types of electromagnetic radiation that would be employed by alien spacecraft would be the ones that can go thought Earth’s atmosphere. Clearly a good candidate is microwave radiation because microwaves have short wavelengths and allow them to pass through the Earth’s atmosphere (Capmany and Novak, 2007). In considering this fact, the methodology adopted in this investigation consisted of measuring microwave anomalies in the site by means of a portable microwave radiation meter. Two approaches were employed for this purpose and are explained as follows.

The first approach consisted of measuring microwave radiation of a mobile phone connected to the Internet across the area of the site using a portable digital microwave radiation meter. The latter was located near the ground and the mobile phone was located 1.5 meters over the microwave radiation meter. The idea behind this approach is to explore whether stone circles were used as a sort of parabolic satellite antennas for space navigation. If this was the case, then the phone devise would play the role of electromagnetic receptor. In this case, higher levels of microwave radiation would be detected in the center of the monument.

The second approach consisted of measuring microwave emission using the same portable microwave radiation meter but without the mobile phone. This approach was employed to determine whether the stone circle needed an electromagnetic receptor to be functional.

EVP anomalies

The EVP phenomenon has traditionally been attributed to dead people voices that are identified from a recording system (Baruss, 2001; Townsend, 2007; Sabol, 2013). It has also been argued that the origin of EVP phenomenon can be natural and it can be caused by radio interferences (i.e. radio transmissions) that are accidentally recorded by a recording system (Leary and Butler, 2015). If the latter interpretation was correct and if stone circles were a type of electromagnetic antenna, then radio interferences would be expected to be found in the site under study. To test this possibility, a digital recorder was employed in different parts of Mitchell's Fold Stone Circle area. Later on, the recordings were filtered and analyzed using the Audacity software.


The experiment was conducted on 12 August 2017, at 20:00 British time. The first activity consisted of measuring microwave radiation in the ground of site and the stones. No radiation anomaly was identified by the portable digital microwave radiation meter. The second activity consisted of measuring microwave radiation of the mobile phone across the area of the site and the stones. In this case, the portable digital microwave radiation meter detected a significant microwave radiation from the mobile phone in the center of the monument. However, this emission disappeared when measures were carried out in places other than the center. This impressive finding suggests that the stone circle has the ability to channel microwave radiation as it would be expected in a satellite antenna.

On the other hand, digital recordings (i.e. EVP) were carried out in different parts of the site. After filtering and processing the recording, a voice was identified only in the recording carried out in the center. This evidence, again, suggests that the monument has the ability to channel electromagnetic radiation, a fact that may have been used for telecommunication.

This experiment was filmed and can be seen at the following link:


The results of this investigation revealed that the stone circle under study has the ability to channel electromagnetic radiation that is normally used in telecommunication. The monument does not emit radiation itself. However, the microwave radiation received and emitted by a mobile phone was significantly strong in the center of the monument. In addition, the EVP result revealed that the center can also channel other types of radiation that may be attributed to radio interferences.

In considering this evidence it is suggested in this article that stone circles played the role of alien satellite and telecommunication antennas. This does not mean that they worked as modern satellite antennas. It appears that the stone circles were markers of sites that have a natural ability to channel radiation. This is consistent with the alternative view that megalithic were located in ley lines with high levels of energy. What is novel in this investigation is the claim that these sites not only may be related to ley lines, but also have the property of channeling microwave and radio radiation useful for alien telecommunication. This can explain why a significant number of UFO sightings have been reported in the area of the Mitchell's Fold Stone Circle and other similar monuments: these monuments are still been used as satellite antennas by alien spaceships.



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(*) Ley lines correspond to invisible hypothetical alignments of magnetic energy that connect ancient sites and it is argued that extra-terrestrial craft use them as a point of navigation.