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I am Pauli Liikala, author of the book “Viidennen Asteen Yhteyksiä” (Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind)

During 2016, I interviewed 41 Finns who had experiences with UFOs and/or humanoids. I sent each one of them a questionnaire about their encounters with UFOs and humanoids. Some of them answered via Facebook or email and some of them I interviewed in person. I arranged the answers I had received using J. Allen Hynek's scale of UFO classification. Hynek separated the encounters into two main categories, which are distant encounters and close encounters. Hynek divided the close encounters into three different subcategories which are now referred as encounters of the first, the second, and the third kind. Later, encounters of the fourth and fifth kind were included.

In my book there are forty-one stories, of which nine are of encounters of the second or third kind, twenty-one of the fourth kind, and eleven are of the fifth kind. Thirteen of those stories are told using the person's real name and twenty-eight are told through an alias. Of the people involved, twenty-nine are female and twelve are male.

I have picked the story of one of these experiences for this article, which is the story of Tanja Puhakka.

The story of Tanja Puhakka.

As a child I had frequently terrible “dreams” of being kidnapped and taken somewhere where I lay down on an operating table under a bright light and was forced to undergo the most horrible and painful experiments and operations. I tried to fight back and demanded these “doctors” to stop, but it never worked. I was completely powerless and paralyzed, and I couldn't move or anything. These beings were always humans, robed in doctor clothing. That is why I wondered and kept asking why are you doing this to me? Doctors were supposed to help people after all.

I also wondered about some of the equipment they used in their experiments as they were unlike ones I would see real doctors using. Never did these “doctors” speak to me or responded to my questions. They used their eyes to tell me to stop resisting, to stay still and let them operate. It all felt so real and it didn't feel like a dream. Later, I found out that I hadn't been dreaming indeed. I could humorously note on this that those doctors turned out to be fake doctors in the end.

I couldn't understand. I could not understand anything - why did I have to go through something like that - until one day in my teens I brought along a book from the library: Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens (by John E Mack). Suddenly everything began to make sense. I realized that I wasn't alone with my experiences. It was amazing. Humanoids had only masked themselves as doctors so that the child I was would have an easier time to process it all. If I could have seen or known it all as it was, I don't believe that I could have taken it. I wasn't ready yet. After that, I began to see the doctors as they really were, as grey humanoids with large eyes. A flush of many other suppressed memories and experiences of those encounters ran through my head, giving me a new perspective and understanding. I remembered the true meaning and purpose and started to see the good aspects, realizing that they weren't evil after all, and that all of it served as means for greater good and was exactly as it was meant to be. I no longer resisted or fought back, and the nightly encounters turned into positive experiences.

The majority of those experiments and tests were done to me while I was still a child, but I also have recollections of being examined as an adult. One of those involves Pauli Liikala. I recall lying down on an operation table while I was approximately twenty years old. I saw another table next to me where somebody else, a certain man, was lying on. I did not know the man in question back then. Until one day, after having known Pauli for a while, the memory of that precise moment came back to me and I realized that the person on the other table had been Pauli. I also remember seeing yet another person there whom I was yet to know now of our encounter, Anna. All these experiments have served to test the human race, to give spiritual guidance, refine or even healing. These greys are not the most brightly sparkling stars and sometimes hard to understand as they aren't as emotional as us. However, compared to us, they are still far ahead of us spiritually and are not evil at all. Often, they work as a bridge of sorts, a link, and as gatekeepers between us and other civilizations and dimensions. This is something hard to explain.

I also remember encounters where they have taken me with their ship to meet others, vividly vibrating and loving beings from the Pleiades among other places. I have always felt a certain affinity and attraction towards the Pleiades and I will come back to that topic later. These greys, however, work in unison and under the laws of the universe, and in mutual understanding with other beings and civilizations. As time passed they, as well, became very dear to me.

I have also had inexplicable feelings about being pregnant even while I hadn't been, and at a certain point I realized the connection, that I might have been impregnated in outer space at some point. Those feelings were about so-called astral pregnancy between me and a member of other species. These things are difficult to describe what they are about or how they serve a greater meaning and purpose. There is, however, a good amount of well researched and written knowledge, like the book Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens. It is truly well worth reading. It contains scientifically researched knowledge about these alien abduction experiences.

I have seen flashes of the ships of these stellar beings in my life in addition to being on board of them. One of the most memorable experiences happened about twenty years ago when I went to kitchen in the evening and for some reason turned my gaze into the sky through the window. Suddenly, I saw a strange looking cloud formation that I stopped to stare at. At once the cloud formation looked as if it opened and a very bright ball of light appeared from inside it. I rubbed my eyes and still saw it. Suddenly it began to move sideways fast and I saw something bluish on it as well. Then, completely out of the blue, just as it had appeared, it disappeared inside an opening cloud formation. After that, the sight disappeared completely. It was a very beautiful and moving experience that served to confirm this all.

One night, I was staying the night at friend's. I woke up from my dream sitting and screaming the name of my husband at the time and right after seeing a flash of a big light orb passing through the window of the guestroom of my friend. Another meaningful encounter happened soon after. I was at home sleeping with my husband as I suddenly woke up to him drenched in sweat and screaming my name in panic. I panicked a bit myself as well and asked him what was wrong? He was visibly scared as he told how he had seen me being fetched from my bed and pulled through a window somewhere and I had turned to face him and waved as I left. I was aware of what it was about and tried to calm him down. He had no clue of what happened, as he is in no way spiritual nor does he believe in these things. That experience, however, made him upset momentarily and he explained it all as a mere dream. I have many of these kinds of memories and recollections, but I am only mentioning the most meaningful and memorable ones here. At a one early morning, I woke up from a dream and as I opened my eyes I saw one of those large eyed grey humanoids staring right into my eyes at my bedside. It was there unexpected, which startled me a bit. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and as I opened them anew, the figure was gone.

I promised to come back to topic of the Pleiades. I know I have often been there while dreaming and one night I saw a dream of my deceased baby. My boy came to me at the Pleiades as young man and told me that he lives there now. In the dream, he gave me a sort of power necklace and told me that whenever I miss him and need support and help, I could always think about that necklace, and form a connection to him and Pleiades. 

Pauli Liikala's own encounters

My first personal encounter occurred three years back from now in fall 2014 during an energy treatment of Henna Hulkkonen at Hernesaari, Helsinki. I received a telepathic message from a humanoid. Their message to me was that, as an Earthling, I wouldn't have to be afraid of them. They are approaching us with peaceful intentions and have arrived to aid us. I intuitively felt that at that moment the humanoid was on board their mothership above Hernesaari hiding away from normal eyes.

So far, the wildest experience with humanoids was when I woke in my own bed in the Fall of 2015 to a feeling that there was a presence, a person or a being, other than just me and my wife in our bedroom. With the eye of the soul, I saw a typical small, large eyed, grey humanoid. It observed me in good will and relayed a message that they were here to tell me that everything was fine with me. A moment later, I woke up and opened my eyes. As I glanced at the clock on a night table, it was 4:44 AM.   I have no recollection of my own of having been on an operating table next to Tanja Puhakka as she has told. That serves as a perfect example on how these kinds of experiences can be erased from our memories.