Author Anders Lidén from Sweden sent in these contact experiences. The first case involves Gösta Carlsson, known in Sweden as the Pollen King.

Case 1

In 1946, in the village Ängelholm in Southern Sweden, Gösta Carlsson (1918 - 2003) had a UFO experience that changed his life.

Gösta and his father had a bee farm where they tried to get out as much pollen as possible. Gösta worked at SJ, the Swedish Railway Company, and had no knowledge whatsoever about medicine or biology, etc. He was an engineer.

One day, he went for his evening walk near the so-called "Siberia Forest" when, around 8 pm, he saw a flying saucer land about 30 meters from him. (There is a monument at the place today to commemorate his experience). Gösta saw 3 human-like, beautiful beings walking out from the spaceship and they communicated with him telepathically. Gösta got some insights from them about how to get out more pollen from the bees. He kept his secret for many years (until 1971 when he went public to tell his story) and used his insights to start the production of pollen-based medicine. In 1956 they succeeded and they started the company Cernelle, and Gösta became a multimillionaire. He invested a lot of his money in the local hockey team Rögle BK, and in the sixties the team, against all odds, reached the top in Swedish hockey league. In 1963 Gösta started a daughter company Allergon where they produced substances for production of medicines for allergies.

Gösta was a very simple man. He was never into new age or never talked about wisdom. When he released his story he referred to not only this meeting in 1946. He had several more meetings with them through his dreams where they told him things. The beings told him they came from the Pleiades. There specifically was one woman he had contact with. At their physical meeting the beings gave Gösta three things: a ring, a rod, and 2 cups.

Gösta and his colleague the engineer Curt Bergquist from Cernelle did some research on the objects. No one else had access to these things Gösta got from the beings. Curt was asked about it after Gösta's death and he answered that they were very strange. The rod was hexagonal and seemed to be made of some kind of quartz. One of the corners was melted and it had some inscription that he could not read/understand.

Gösta became famous for his story and when he told it 1971 he was visited by media from all over the world. Curt said that he didn't know what the things are and he doesn't know what to believe about Gösta's experience. But he said that usually Gösta was proven right, sooner or later, about what he had told earlier. Gösta never changed or denied his story.       

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Case 2

In the mid 1980's, a friend of mine had an experience. He worked at Volvo Cars as a mechanical engineer in Gothenburg. One of his colleagues, a man named Lars, was a quiet outsider. At that time, my friend was already a very spiritually experienced man and he had empathy for Lars and his behavior. So my friend made contact with Lars and they became friends on working time.

It's important to understand that my friend at that time had some close contact with ET´s from his apartment in Gothenburg. Once he was watching television the picture disappeared and he was contacted through his television by beings from the Pleiades. They asked him to come and visit them outside, on a specific time and address. He told me this happened several times and the beings were always right on time. They met him both physically and through out-of-body experiences. They had conversations about cosmic and spiritual questions and about their work. They could tell him where they had their bases on Earth and the research they were doing.

My friend once had big problems with paying his telephone bill. He didn't know how to get the money to pay it. Some day after work Lars came to visit my friend. They had a cup of coffee and some ordinary discussions. Lars didn't say much and did not tell very much about himself. When Lars stood up to go back home, he took out some money from his pocket and gave to my friend. After he left, my friend counted it, and it was exactly the amount he needed to pay his phone bill. The next day Lars was gone and never again showed up at work.

My friend asked his contact from the Pleiades about Lars and they told my friend that Lars also came from the Pleiades. It took several years until my friend met Lars again, at an airport, but they never had a chance to talk. The people from the Pleiades told my friend that they will have the chance to meet again, later in life.