The Role of Altered States of Consciousness
During ET Abduction/Contact Experiences

Blue Waves

When exploring the ET contact phenomenon, it is important to note that in most abduction/contact scenarios, the perpetrators of these events have by some method altered to varying degrees the emotional responses and perceptual abilities of the experiencer. Unfortunately, I personally believe that some, certainly not all, ET races may not have the best interest of humans in mind when doing so. Adding to that, I also believe that the experiencer’s state of consciousness can sometimes be noticeably influenced by the person themselves.

Extraterrestrial Altered States

First, let us consider the altered states imposed on a human by certain extraterrestrials. In this case, simply for the ease in handling a human, ET’s generally subdue the will of the experiencer and inhibit that person’s ability to fully focus and comprehend what is actually happening to them. This cerebral disruption will first and foremost be imposed for the ET’s benefit, in order to control the event and fulfill the alien agenda more quickly, easily and without conflict. As noted above, I also believe there are
certain races that promote such clandestine contacts through altered states in order to conceal the ET’s agenda.

In general, the initial intention appears related to physical monitoring and information gathering, with a strong interest in collecting genetic materials for hybrid production. Some races also demonstrate a nearly obsessive interest in the human emotional component, with the ET’s frequently subjecting humans to staged
events intended to evoke an emotional response for their study.  
Altered states are also utilized by some ET races in order to fulfill a training agenda related to a wide variety of tasks that will ultimately serve an alien agenda. In this scenario a human is given instruction during physical contact, or more subtly through nonphysical contact or cerebral downloading. If non-physical, they can
occur during a person’s sleeping and/or dreaming state, while fully conscious while engaged in non-contact-related situations, or even through a non-local, astral plane. It can also take place to extract information from the contactee, who if conscious, would most probably resist the intrusion due to fear or other reasons.

Human Altered States

When considering altered states, I believe it is also important to take into consideration the emotional, physical and mental state of the experiencer, as well as any extreme personal belief system or personal agenda that may be evident. Everyone develops through experience their own unique personal perspective which absolutely could influence how events are interpreted. Although in most cases involving an average, reasonably adjusted person this influence would be minor, any obvious extreme personality traits
could also alter perception subtly, or to an even greater degree depending upon the state of the person during an experience. That altered perception might be present in only one contact experience and not necessarily an ongoing condition.

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