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Manuel Lamiroy: Introduction

MILAB stands for Military Abduction. The phenomenon was first investigated by Dr. Helmut Lammer of the Austrian Space Research Institute. In a number of cases, abductees are subsequently abducted by humans in military uniforms. (For this reason, Melinda Leslie started calling them RE-ABs, for re-abductions). Nearly always unmarked helicopters are involved. The victims are usually drugged or sometimes disoriented by a strong electromagnetic field. During their military abduction most of them receive an implant, usually behind the ear. MILABs seem to be a part of a wider operation, aimed at monitoring and abducting abductees in order to keep a lid on the alien abduction phenomenon.

MILABs - Military Abductions

MILABs are different from regular alien abductions. For starters, they seem to be limited to mainly the USA (and maybe Canada). Furthermore, MILABs involve "Activity of dark unmarked helicopters, the appearence of strange vans or buses outside the houses of abductees, exposure to disorienting electromagnetic fields, drugging, transport with a helicopter, bus or truck to an unknown building or an underground military facility. Usually there are physical aftereffects, like grogginess and sometimes nausea after the kidnappings. There is also a difference when the abductors appear. In most UFO-abduction cases, the beings appear through a closed window, wall, or the abductee feels a strange presence in the room. Most abductees report that they are paralysed from the mental power of the alien beings. At MILABs the abductee reports that the kidnappers give him or her a shot with a syringe. It is interesting, that MILAB-abductees report that they are examined from human doctors in rectangular rooms and not in round sterile rooms -- as in descriptions of UFO-abductees. The described rooms, halls and furniture are similar to terrestrial hospital rooms, laboratories or research facilities and have nothing to do with UFO-furniture." (Helmut Lammer, "Military involvement in Abductions," 16 October 1996, www.abduct.com/features/f04.php).

MILABs are controversial. Some authors, like Greer and Aertsen, believe that the majority - if not all - of abductions are actually performed by the Military, and 'Programmed Life Forms.' There is however little to no evidence available to support those claims. And in my personal experience investigating abduction cases, the MILABs are the exceptions, not the rule.

We asked members of our panel on their thoughts on and/or experiences with MILABs.

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Gwen Farrell: Milabs - Military Abductions

One of the most important aspects of ET contact and abductions is the identity of the beings who orchestrate them.  It has been reported that several races of extraterrestrial and/or extradimensional beings have been involved with humans on Earth for a long time, and some appear to have specific missions or purposes with regard to Earth – some benign and some not.  But to muddy the waters even further, some experiencers believe they haven't been abducted by ETs at all, but by certain branches of the human government or military either working in concord with ETs or using ET technology to disguise their activities.  These events are known as milabs - short for military abductions.  While this type of event is still in the minority of all abduction/contact events, it has been reported and is becoming better known.

Why would human military engage in abductions disguised as ETs?
Most world governments recognize the reality of ET contact/abductions and have studied such occurrences for years while purposely keeping that knowledge from the general public.  This is an ideal situation for milabs to occur.  What better method of disguising illegal and immoral activities than blaming them on something that they claim doesn’t exist?  Another explanation is that milabs are designed to create fear and distrust between humans and ETs who may, in fact, have benign motives for contact. 

Of note, it appears that human beings who have had genuine ET contact or abductions may be of particular interest and specifically targeted by milabs

How do I know if I was abducted by ETs or humans?
Many experiencers claim that they can tell the difference between ETs and human agents.  ETs possess technology, in their means of travel and expertise in human psychology and physiology, that is still more advanced than that existing on Earth.  Abductions perpetrated by humans often betray themselves by their lack of advanced technology.  Another difference between the two types of abductions is that many ET abductions are positive and affirming in nature, and in some instances, if an experiencer wants to discontinue contact, they have the power to do so.  On the other hand, milabs tend to be negative, leaving the experiencer with no recourse.

Milabs perpetrated with the help of ETs
Some experiencers report being taken in milabs and encountering ETs during the event.  In some cases, the ETs are described as merely observing (sometimes in sympathy with the experiencer), but in other cases the ETs apparently are involved.  If ETs are present and their technology is being used, it may not be easy to know who is in charge.  Unpleasant though it is, while human technology doesn't equal that demonstrated by ETs, we are still quite capable of overpowering other humans and making them believe what we want.  In some abductions, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to know.

If that’s not confusing enough, is it possible that ETs are actually perpetrating these events and making it look like our own human military is doing it?
While some experiencers and researchers are convinced that milabs are done by humans, until the ETs decide to come clean about their activities, anything is possible.

So what about experiencers?
From a therapist’s perspective, an abduction is an abduction, and regardless of who is perpetrating contact/abduction events, an experiencer can suffer trauma as a result.  A qualified and experienced therapist can help.

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Thomas Minderle

My earliest abduction experiences took place in Germany before the age of five. They were exclusively alien in nature, mostly 3-4-foot-tall greys in cobalt blue suits including a grey-reptilian hybrid with vertical slit pupils, large golden irises, and a protruding lower jaw full of sharp teeth. Neither side of my biological family had any military connections.
Then my parents divorced, and my mother married an American soldier. We moved overseas and lived on a military base for a few years before my stepfather left the service. Later in high school I made the top percentile in various standardized tests and aced my math and science classes. I was selected to attend a leadership summer camp being held on a military base and also received a scholarship from the Air Force for which I never applied.

It was around this time that signs of military abductions began surfacing in my life. What distinguished them from alien abductions is that, from the few fragments I can recall, they took place in underground military bases and involved their personnel. Their intended effects were an attempt to induce behaviors and impulses in me that were not my own, but which would be beneficial to the military industrial complex. Fortunately, I recognized these programs and did not act on them.

I cannot elaborate further for privacy reasons; however I have since corresponded with hundreds of abductees and done much research on the MILAB subject and deduced some patterns indicating what might be going on. Based on that body of data, I tentatively conclude the following.

First, black ops military and negative alien factions may each have their own agendas and protocols but they are certainly not enemies. Too many abductees have seen aliens and military personnel working side by side in underground bases.  It’s as if the military industrial complex ultimately works for the aliens and are supporting joint abduction programs. They use alien technology to abduct and program their subjects, meaning opening portals directly into the bedroom instead of antiquated methods of transportation like vans or trucks or helicopters.

If true, then covering up that collusion would necessitate stating and promoting two false narratives:  that alien abductions are wonderful and aliens are benevolent, and that the black ops military is entirely xenophobic and trying to extract what little information it can get about aliens through abductees. I believe negative alien factions and black ops military are working together against the best interests of humanity and against any genuinely positive alien agendas in play.

Second, military abductions can serve to create mind controlled sleeper agents for societal engineering. One template involves selecting social outcasts to turn into mass shooters and assassins. This is easy to do: select promising candidates and use posthypnotic programming during abductions to shape their worldview and amplify feelings of hatred, loathing, and alienation. Various self-destructive programs can be induced to further this along, such as induction of homosexual tendencies that lead to social ostracization and further self-loathing. Make them obsessed with weapons and tactics and then activate them when the time is right. This works to create an unwitting pawn. Other templates involve creating psychic remote viewers and influencers, psychic assassins, sex slaves for the shadow elite, elite fighters for mercenary operations, geniuses for the NSA, and so on.
Some MILAB agents are not unwitting, but willing participants who think they are incognito super-soldiers prepared to carry out secret missions. They stand at the ready to sabotage public infrastructure and create mass chaos when their controllers tell them. This suggests that the shadow military looks forward to a societal collapse scenario assisted by their own proxies. This is further underscored by MILABs often having post-apocalyptic survival training gained either during abductions or induced virtual reality scenarios (artificial dreams induced remotely), or gained in the real world via induced obsession with survivalism and tactical preparation. Weapon proficiency and hardcore survivalism training is not something typically found among pure alien abductees, in fact aliens, rather it is a key signature of the human military side of the MILAB phenomenon. The goal of this may be to control the political landscape in the aftermath of societal collapse, mainly via programmed leaders of tribes, militias, and gangs serving the interests of shadow forces residing safely in their underground bases. Similar to how ISIS operates as a proxy for western intelligence agencies.

And third, there are MILAB accounts of people being trained in futuristic alien weaponry, and some are shown an eventual war against one or more alien groups. Aliens themselves have hinted at this, with it being a common experience among alien abductees to have visions, dreams, or be shown scenes of skies filled with swarms of alien ships fighting one another. Now, obviously not all alien factions are of the same alignment, and so there are competing factions, and some may have allied with the human military while others were shut out, perhaps for refusing to provide military technology. Naturally that would make the latter more ethical than those who gladly interfaced with the military and are now engaging in joint abduction programs. Therefore, the eventual alien war would be a war between competing alien factions, with at least one side of that war having both aliens and black ops military on it, which then implies the MILABs are being trained to fight against the alien groups not allied with the human military, namely the more positive groups.
So this all boils down to various factions fighting over the direction of this planet, especially over what happens after civilization collapses. It makes sense given the degree to which governments have been building underground cities and bases over the past century, like the sky is going to fall. Military abductions, in my opinion, are therefore aimed toward setting the groundwork for post-collapse control. This requires shaping public opinion, assassinating political enemies, creating sleeper agents, and neutralizing the proxies of enemy alien factions.

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Nadine Lalich: A Personal View Regarding Military Abductions of ET Abductees (MILABs)

After years of silently enduring bizarre and disturbing contacts with apparent extraterrestrials, in 2004, I became determined to examine the phenomenon. A few years later, after first thoroughly reviewing and recording my own experiences, I undertook the task in 2008 of co-authoring the book, “Alien Experiences,” with psychotherapist and abduction researcher, Barbara Lamb. In that book, we shared a portion of my personal experience, along with summaries of twenty-four other experiencers (also referred to as abductees or contactees) with whom Barbara had worked in the past. Prior to that time, I had little awareness of the subject and, in order to avoid contamination of my own experiences, I purposely refrained from reading about or investigating the experiences of others. What I find remarkable is the fact that MILAB experiences were not a focus of our book, nor were they a part of my recalled experiences at that point in time. Although I had a great deal of detailed conscious recall of ET contacts, I had no recall whatsoever of having had a MILAB experience. Yet, once the book was published and I began to speak openly about my experiences, suddenly experiences involving what appear to be military personnel began to take place.

The MILAB experiences began shortly after a talk that I gave one evening at a California Orange County MUFON monthly meeting. My recollections of this and subsequent events is that they usually commence in the middle of the night, always after midnight. Sometimes these contacts involve just humans in military uniforms, other times humans and ETs working together, and sometimes humans, ETs and what appears to be human clones working together. As with many experiencers, ET contacts take place in a variety of ways, i.e., awake and fully conscious, as out-of-body- astral states or in semi-conscious sleep states. MILAB experiences, on the other hand, contain many different elements. They primarily seem to be a physical experience, and they only enter and leave physically through doors, using silent, black helicopters as the primary initial transport. They can include being taken to what appears to be underground or even under water military bases, being placed in a hazmat unit, displayed and observed by military and other humans from behind glass windows. Drugs and other physical equipment seems to be utilized to manipulate for unknown reasons and to render an unconsciousness state.  Unlike ET contacts, telepathy does not appear to take place and communication is strictly verbal. Strange crafts have also been seen under construction that appear to be a combination of traditional human crafts and ET technology.

Over the past two years, having been focused upon other areas of my life, I have withdrawn a good deal from discussing ET contact or MILABs in public. Whether or not it relates, I have noted far less ET experiences and cannot recall any new MILAB experiences during this period. Ultimately, although I have been convinced for some years now of the validity of my ET contacts, I still find myself struggling with the MILAB possibilities. In truth, I am far more uncomfortable and leery of those experiences that appear to be human orchestrated, but as with all things, it will take more time and exploration to unravel this additional mystery.   

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Susan Swiatek: On the subject of MILABS / RE-ABS

There are those in the UFO field who still don't believe that people are being abducted by aliens; nor do they think these "stories" represent any actual event at all. And there are those that feel people are indeed being abducted by aliens -- alien beings from another planet or another dimension. Still others think that the abduction experience is a real event alright, but it is perpetrated by our own evil military for some odd nefarious purpose. After all, all aliens are our "space brothers" and they are our enlightened friends from a higher plane and they want to help humanity out of our warring, primitive ways. (See Steven Greer.) Greer spins this even further, saying that the Defense Industrial Complex has created manufactured robots that are doing the abducting because they need to create an enemy in people's minds to instill fear. They are propagating a "racist" agenda since the powers that be are falsely painting the ETs as the bad guys and it's all a way to control the populace, blah, blah, blah. 

I can't even begin to spin a story as outlandish nor detailed as Greer does, on scant data. All I can postulate is what I have seen in the experiencers that I have worked with personally. A small percentage of experiencers feel special and selected and enjoy their experiences with higher beings. But the great majority are frightened out of their wits and traumatized. They wish the abductions would stop because they feel bewildered, are subjected to painful procedures and feel subjugated and powerless. They are convinced their abductors are non-human biological entities who invoke high technology that seems like magic. Many times abductees are taken up in a craft and they're able to see things from a new vantage point. In one of our cases, an abductee was able to see swimming pools and other structures hidden by tall fences. The person was able to verify these structures the next day. This was long before Google maps or similar tools were available. Either they truly were up in the air in their neighborhood looking down -- or else someone or some thing was able to accurately simulate that experience. You can't convince these individuals that they were dealing with military robots and a deceptive human technology! 

Though I'm clear in my own mind that abductions by non-human entities definitely occurs -- I am unclear what our government's response is in the aftermath. Some of our abduction cases involve abductees who were later stopped at a roadblock and were forcibly picked up by military people to be drugged and de-briefed. A paraphrase of the incident began with, "They dragged me out of the car, a syringe was plunged into my arm, things went a little blurry..." Another of our cases had her marriage to a truck driver dissolve under the pressure of the abduction mystery, only to be approached in a huge crowd by an Air Force officer who swept her off her feet, quickly moved her out of the area and married her. Coincidence? Who knows? Even stellar witnesses like Col. Charles Halt claim that witnesses to strange UFO goings-on at RAF Bentwaters were subjected to "special treatments and injections" and were given arduous de-briefings. 

Do I think that the government/military are re-abducting known abductees to glean what they can from their knowledge? I really need more data -- but if I had to make an educated guess -- I would say, yes I think they are. 

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