Introduction - Manuel Lamiroy

We are not alone. We never have been.

For millennia, humankind has been engaged by non-human intelligences. So, what does that mean? What are the implications? If we want to understand this phenomenon, we must seek to learn from contact experiences. Trying to understand this phenomenon by focusing on UFOs or UAPs makes about as much sense as trying to understand humankind by observing cars. So, we asked our panel what they thought what the most important implications are of contact experiences.

These implications play on many different levels. There are implications on an individual level: how are the contact experiencers affected? How did the experiences change their life, their beliefs? There are implications on many societal levels: Politically, how do governments respond? Socially, how do non-experiencers respond? How do the media respond? What does the contact phenomenon mean for science, and how do scientists respond? Etc. And then, there are the more existential questions for humankind as a species: what does the contact phenomenon mean for our place in the universe? What does it mean for our understanding of reality? What is our relationship with these non-human intelligences? Are they our creators? Are we their cattle? Are they visiting galactic neighbors? The ramifications of the contact experience may very well constitute the greatest challenge humankind has needed to address. The questions are endless, and the answers few. Yet we have reached a point where we no longer can ignore these questions.

Implications of Contact
Implications of Contact - artwork by Scott Browne

Our panel members all approached the topic differently. Some address the implications on an individual level, i.e., for the contact experiencers, while others also look at the bigger picture.

Part 1

Preston Dennett focuses on the transformational impact of the contact phenomenon. In his article, he looks at how it is already affecting our technology, healing and medicine, environmental awareness, and our spirituality.

Thomas Minderlé starts with his own experiences and talks about how extraterrestrials involved in abductions are secretly manipulating us and preparing us for a new world in which they coexist openly with us.

Bill Konkolesky looks at the wide variety of individual responses we can expect, which may create some challenging times.

Part 2

Denise Stoner wonders whether the most important implications will be for religions. She also asked the same question about the most important implications to about a dozen contact experiencers. All their replies are included in her article, too.

Nadine Lalich explores how being exposed to species with higher intelligence will affect our consciousness, spirituality, and attitudes, and hopes that we as a species will grow from the experience.

Part 3

In his article, Giorgio Piacenza has an in-depth look at several tough challenges we will be facing once we are willing to admit we are interacting with Non-Human Intelligences.

Part 4

In her article, "As Close as Words can come", Nevenka Likar looks at some of the bigger picture questions.


A Whole New World

By Preston Dennett

UFO researchers often disagree about the nature and origins of the phenomenon, however one thing that most agree upon is that the contact experience is transformational. Direct contact challenges people on multiple levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. While mainstream society has been slow to embrace this subject, it has become increasingly clear that we are moving toward a cosmic shift in our worldview, and that great changes are ahead of us. As UFO activity continues to escalate, and as governments across the world move toward disclosure, humanity is now faced with the profound implications of contact.
In this article, I would like to discuss four areas of human society that I believe will experience dramatic changes and lead us to a future that we can scarcely imagine.


Humanity is now experiencing a meteoric rise in science and technology. We seem to be on a geometric curve of technological progress. Part of the reason could be extraterrestrial influence. As Colonel Philip J. Corso writes in his book, The Day After Roswell, advances in fiber optics, integrated circuits, Kevlar, night-vision goggles and more were advanced directly from the Roswell UFO crash in 1947. Roswell, however, is only one of many UFO crash/retrieval incidents. There are now hundreds of whistle-blowers within the military government complex who are making similar claims. If true, this means that many high-level scientists have direct access to extraterrestrial technology. Free-energy and anti-gravity may sound like science-fiction, but they may in fact be real.

The ETs use of light and the electromagnetic spectrum is a good example. Beams of light from UFOs have been reported to levitate people, cause paralysis, render solid objects (such as walls or rooftops) transparent and/or permeable. They can cause injuries or affect a wide variety of physiological healings. The things ETs can do with light is mind-blowing. 
When it comes to the contact experience, it’s not unusual for experiencers to be taken to the engine room or the control room where they are told how the craft operates. Some are even given specific instructions about how to build free-energy motors, or are given the opportunity to actually fly the craft themselves.

The implications of this are staggering. This means that energy sources such as fossil fuels may soon become obsolete. If this technology is released, the energy crisis could be solved overnight. The transportation industry could be totally transformed. Our abilities to understand our world and the universe around us would make a quantum leap. If we truly do have ET technology, it’s only a matter of time before it impacts our daily lives. Instead of laboring to just survive, we could live in a world of mutual progress that would make today’s technology archaic. The truth cannot be covered up forever. And if Colonel Corso and other whistleblowers are correct, the release of this technology has already begun.

Healing and Medicine

One of the primary ET agendas appears to be the healing of humanity. There are now more than 300 documented cases of people who have been healed as a result of a UFO encounter (see my book: The Healing Power of UFOs.) These cases have been occurring for more than 100 years and have taken place all over the world to all kinds of people. People have been cured of injuries, burns, infections, and a wide variety of diseases, including so-called chronic conditions. Diabetes, diphtheria, cancer, AIDS, heart disease, blood clots, strokes, tumors and cysts, liver and kidney disease tuberculosis…to name a few; all have been healed by extraterrestrial intervention. Most major UFO researchers have uncovered multiple cases of this kind. It is a regular feature of UFO contact.

This may sound incredible, but the accounts speak for themselves. There are far too many such cases to ignore. When someone is taken onboard a UFO, the most commonly reported experience is being physically examined. Medical themes are a prominent feature of UFO contact. Many experiencers use medical terminology to describe their encounters. Some even call the ETs doctors.

Another common feature of UFO contact is being taught how to do psychic healing. Many experiencers come away from their encounters with strong abilities in psychic healing, Reiki and more.

The implications of this cannot be overstated. Today, billions of dollars are spent each year on medicine and pharmaceuticals. However, as we learn more about ETs and their ability to heal, the entire medical industry could be entirely transformed. Imagine a world without cancer, heart disease or influenza. This may sound optimistic, but if mainstream society can embrace and accept the ET presence, this becomes a very real possibility.


Today we live in a world that is perched on the edge of possible mass destruction. Issues such as pollution, nuclear proliferation, climate change and human aggression have pushed humanity to the brink of total annihilation. What does this have to do with UFOs and the contact experience? The answer is: everything.

When someone is taken onboard a UFO, the number one message given from the ETs are warnings about Earth changes and environmental destruction. Over and over again, experiencers are warned about the dangers of mis-using nuclear energy. They are told about the catastrophic effects of pollution in our atmosphere and our lakes, rivers and oceans. They are shown images of massive natural disasters that could cause widespread loss of life. ETs repeatedly inform people about consequences of chopping down our forests. They warn people of the dangers of wars, aggression, hate, corruption and greed. Ever since the modern age of UFOs, these messages have been constantly repeated. The ETs appear to be intensely concerned that we are going to destroy this planet.

The implications of this are obvious. As more and more people experience direct contact, this message has already begun to filter its way into mainstream society. There are strong efforts and programs to move away from the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gasses. The protection of the natural environment is now a major platform issue for political leaders. The anti-nuclear movement and the dis-arming of nuclear weapons continue to increase in popularity.

All of this could very well be a direct result of UFO contact across our planet. One can only speculate what our world would have been like without these warnings from the ETs.


One major ET agenda appears to be waking humanity to its own spiritual potentials. As a general rule, people who have ET contact come away from their experiences spiritually transformed. They experience a wide spectrum of paranormal events, and become very interested in alternative healing, astral travel, channeling, psychic reading, past lives, mediumship, precognition, human levitation, life after death, and more.

UFO researcher Thomas Bullard was the first to outline the contact experience and break it down into its primary elements. In his landmark book, UFOs: The Measure of a Mystery, he studied more than 300 cases of direct contact and found that the contact experience follows a fairly consistent pattern. He was among the first to show that there is a strong spiritual aspect to the contact experience.

A study of firsthand cases shows that ETs express a strong interest in human emotions and in our spiritual and psychic abilities. This has significant implications, and shows that there is a very positive aspect to the contact experience. What might seem frightening and traumatic at first often ends up being a very positive and beneficial experience. More and more people are waking up to their super-human potential.


ET contact comes in a wide variety of forms. While people do experience negative encounters that leave them with emotional and physical scars, many others have very positive experiences. There is a bell curve of ET behavior that falls under the same umbrella as human behavior. However, I think it’s much easier to show that humans are a hostile species than it would be to prove that ETs are hostile. While it’s very difficult to justify or rationalize abducting or kidnapping a person against their own volition, the results of ET contact speak for themselves. As researcher Budd Hopkins often stated, ETs seem to be interested in the most lovely aspects of human contact. The overall implications of the contact experience show that we are moving to a new world: one of peace, harmony, progress and love. Sooner or later, the day will come when the UFO cover-up ends, and the ETs will make open official contact with humanity. The question is not if, but when. Hopefully, we will be ready.


The Implications of Contact

Thomas Minderlé

During the height of my childhood alien experiences, I constantly felt like something was watching me. Not watching over me like a guardian angel, but watching me with cold observation and unfriendly intent, like a scientist studying a mouse. The sensation was similar to picking up on someone looking at you from behind, but more palpable and laced with nonhuman overtones. 

Later in life, my abductions were often preceded by signs of alien presence and monitoring. Typical indicators included our cat acting fearful and tracking invisible things moving around, sudden onset of strong ear ringings despite not having tinnitus, and gray alien faces appearing behind my closed eyelids during hypnagogic states preceding sleep. This correlated with alien-themed dream fragments and waking up with classic post-abduction symptoms.

These two personal examples, coupled with a multitude of recorded cases in alien abduction and contact literature, suggest that persons of interest are being watched. Abductions and contacts happen under certain circumstances, times, and places. For aliens to know when and where to do so, they must monitor the situation on the ground, and that includes monitoring abductees and contactees and anyone of interest.  And after an abduction or contact, they may continue monitoring to see how the person behaves as a result of the experience.

So we can easily be monitored by alien beings. And if they can monitor abductees and contactees, what about the rest of humanity? What about military personnel, scientists in top secret projects, diplomats, leaders of nations? Or influential authors and speakers, cultural icons, media moguls, movie producers and writers? Are they exempt? Absolutely not. Privacy and secrecy does not exist in context of an alien presence. 

Further, I have also personally experienced positive alien influence and negative alien manipulation. The methods are the same ones that show up in the literature. From posthypnotic commands instilled during abductions, to live telepathic pressuring to manipulate a target’s behavior, the seeding of foreign ideas in someone’s mind, direct verbal communication, screen memories, or induced hallucinations — these methods aim to control or influence how a target thinks, feels, believes, perceives, or acts.

And again, if they can influence an abductee or contactee this way, they can most certainly influence anyone who lacks the awareness and self-mastery needed to resist it.

This implies that not only is humanity being watched, but it’s also being influenced. History may not have evolved organically. Historian William Bramley independently stumbled upon this pattern in the course of his research and wrote “The Gods of Eden” to summarize his findings. Charles Fort, John Keel, and Jacques Vallée have published similar sentiments about this world being managed by nonhuman forces. Just as an abductee’s life is monitored and managed, so could humanity at large. 

We matter to aliens, whether in the sense of students mattering to the teacher, lab mouse to the scientist, or cattle to the rancher. 

But toward what ends? 

For individual abductees and contactees, ends may involve:

  1. providing biological resources for hybrid breeding programs,
  2. being given information or messages to relay to the public about spiritual, social, or ecological matters,
  3. influencing public perception of the alien presence by speaking about one’s (potentially deceptive) contact experiences in order to propagate an alien-sanctioned narrative,
  4. being prepared for a coming time of planetary upheaval and the collapse of civilization, and
  5. extracting information about enemy alien factions with whom the abductee or contactee also has had contact. 

From this, we may decipher some major implications of the contact experience. We can tentatively conclude that aliens are watching and influencing us individually and collectively in order to manage a successful (in their eyes) transition between our current age and the age to come. The transition will be a controlled chaos where those who have been secretly educated, trained, influenced, or programmed by aliens will play important roles in shaping the outcome. Aliens themselves will come out into the open, and not necessarily as a unified body. Disclosure may begin by way of governments revealing it when it’s time, or through them appearing directly if there are no more governments by that point. We may see an attempt to replace humans with human-alien hybrids, or we may see humanity organically upshifting to a higher state of consciousness under the guidance of benevolent aliens, depending on which alien influence wins out. 

In my view, aliens are not simply visitors from space whose existence proves we are not alone. It would be nice if the situation were that innocent and simple. Rather, signs point to our world, our civilization, being largely their design. And as the chapter closes on this cycle of human history, they have been very busy crafting the next.


The Challenges of Contact

Bill Konkolesky

One of the great challenges of investigating the ET contact phenomenon is the wide array of responses to it from outright denial to a myriad of interpretations of the data and I believe that one of the implications of the growing proof we’re seeing will be growing multiple cultural divides.

Currently, there is no agreed upon authority on the subject.  I don’t know of a single government that doesn’t deny contact/abductions are even happening and mainstream science declares it not worthy of investigation.  This leaves a wild west of “truth-slingers” telling everyone that the ETs are benevolent, malevolent, indifferent, or mental constructs.  Also, the beings are from our planet, another planet, dimension, time, etc.  Oh, and they look like this, that, or the other.  Even within the shared community experiencers, earnest investigators, and believers, there is rare consensus.

Things may be about to get more interesting in the United States with the report from the Defense Department to the Senate on the topic of UFOs currently slated to be delivered in June of this year.  While it is likely to be restricted to strictly UFO sightings by military witnesses (not contact or any accounts from the public) and it isn’t likely to name the origins of these craft (Russian, Chinese, or ET), the take-away will be the U.S. military and government is finally (maybe!) going on record to officially say that something unknown is happening in our skies (rather than nothing is happening).

It's hard to predict how far this will move the needle on public acceptance of UFOs, and in turn, perhaps on ET contact, but I believe it may have the effect of further fracturing public opinion by bolstering those groups who already believe our current politicians are mentally unfit.

It will be even more interesting if a group of ETs one day stages an auspicious arrival landing, something where they announce to our world that they are here to open dialogue with our leaders.

If the aliens make their big landing anywhere but Antarctica, people everywhere will have opinions about them doing this in a foreign country, leading many to suspicion and perhaps outright opposition.

In the United States, whether a Democrat or Republican President is in Office during such an event will matter greatly, as voters in the opposition party will openly distrust the other party to manage relations with these beings.

A full arrival will almost certainly disrupt and fracture every aspect of world industry, technology, and religion, just to name a few categories.  In particular, how will Big Oil deal with an energy solution that makes them instantly irrelevant.

I don’t believe that things will get easier as the reality of contact grows.  The implication is that things are going to get messier and more complicated.

One day, things may eventually settle down and we’ll all come together to face a bright future among the stars, but it is an understatement to say we have our work cut out for us, first.


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