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What do we know about the way aliens communicate with us, and what are they telling us?

We asked our panel, and they responded.


Alien Communications
Alien Communications - Artwork by Scott Browne


Alien Communications - Thomas Minderlé

In their quest for realism, science fiction films like “Arrival” or “Contact” portray alien communications as cryptic and strange. And yet, actual abduction and contactee accounts suggest they can communicate with great fluency and eloquence. This goes along with them tending to look humanoid and in some cases being genetically or even sexually compatible with us.

So unlike fictional aliens, real ones seem to be closer to us in form and function. Maybe they are artificial creations derived from our genetics (or vice versa), or maybe we are simply cosmic relatives scattered across the stellar neighborhood by past migrations. 

Regardless of their origins, they appear capable of communicating in three primary modes.

The first is the simple verbal mode, producing words vocally just as we do. Human-looking aliens, like the Nordics, can do this easily enough to pass for human when among us in public. Reptilians, there are reports of guttural vocalizations in our language that can be understood well enough. Grays and Mantids appear incapable of verbal communication.

The second mode is telepathic speech, either a faint voice that resembles your own inner stream of consciousness and can be mistaken for it, or an induced and controlled audio-hallucination that sounds like you are actually hearing it loud and clear in the room, or in the center of your skull.

Most aliens can do this as part of their psychic skillset, “talking without moving their mouths” as is commonly reported. The quality of speech differs depending on the alien. Grays are said to have telepathic speech that is more robotic, short, monotone, and stilted. Reptilians and Nordics can speak fluent English (or whatever one’s native language is) this way.

The third mode is pre-verbal or non-verbal in the form of images and contextual understanding transferred telepathically. A lot of information can be communicated swiftly this way. It seems to be the primary means of communication among aliens.

What I have experienced of the third mode can be described as follows. Imagine you have just studied and memorized a chapter in a textbook. In reviewing the chapter afterwards, you glance at the diagrams and section titles and recall the chapter without necessarily remembering the individual words comprising the text. Rather, the diagrams and titles now serve as mnemonic reminders of what you have already assimilated into your understanding, which exists as a gestalt of knowing.

Now imagine a reverse situation, where that entire gestalt can be downloaded into your mind in a few seconds with only the diagrams and titles standing out as being mentally seen or heard. So you might telepathically hear a word or phrase or see an image or symbol that is understood in context of a nonverbal and non-visual package of information transferred in parallel.

The advantage with this mode is that ideas can be communicated that don’t necessarily have verbal or visual analogues. This allows freedom from the constraints of language and the senses. As George Orwell depicted in “1984”, language shapes and confines thoughts. In bypassing language, thoughts can become boundless. In this way, higher dimensional sciences can be comprehended, developed, and “discussed” for which one would otherwise lack the right words or sense-based references.

This ability is not limited to aliens. In Robert Monroe’s work on astral projection, beings in the astral state can communicate both with words and with “rotes” or nonverbal thought-packages. Likewise, in certain esoteric mystery schools, beyond a certain point of development the disciple must switch to using telepathic nonverbal communication and symbols (occult scripts) to progress further in learning what is beyond the realm of human language.

So it is interesting that not only can aliens speak Earth languages, but with enough training we humans can communicate nonverbally like aliens do. It is just that the latter is as uncommon for us, as verbal language is for them. Still, it once again shows how aliens and humans have more in common than we might think.


Varieties of Alien Communication - Nadine Lalich

True communication is a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior. As human beings, we are familiar with the four main types of communication we use daily: verbal, nonverbal, written, and visual. Regarding communication between humans and non-human entities, i.e., extraterrestrials or aliens, the communication process can be quite different. It can take place while in a physical state, during an astral out-of-body experience, or in another altered state of consciousness. As a personal experiencer, I have also noted that human-ET communication is most often one-way in that they primarily serve the ETs to impart or retrieve information from a human subject. The following are some examples of human-ET communication that I have personally encountered.


When in the physical company of extraterrestrials, most of the communication is in the form of telepathic thoughts, images, or symbols imparted directly into the human brain. These communications tend to provide direction, instruction, or training of a human subject. Only on rare occasions have I experienced a true telepathic exchange when receiving a response to a question I posed. 

Audio / Verbal

Spoken Language: In my experience, there has been no spoken communication observed between ETs and humans.

Clicking Sounds: Several species have been seen to exchange communication amongst themselves using a series of clicking sounds.

Audio Technology: On several occasions, I observed a type of audio technology that used liquid-filled glass tubes of various sizes to emit sounds. Each cylinder with a carved symbol on the side vibrated and emitted a tone that may have been intended to impart information through the human auditory system.


Staging: During astral contact or other altered states of consciousness, ETs have often been noted to stage visual scenarios to evoke human emotions in contactees apparently for research purposes. They may also take place during a physical abduction, but still appear to be induced within the consciousness of the human being tested and not physically staged.

Holograms. After being physically transported to a craft, abductees have commonly reported being in a large room with other humans and seeing a large, suspended hologram. Generally, the scenes depicted show the earth suffering a calamitous event and appear to be a warning to the human observers. 

Visual Technology: During several experiences, I have engaged with a visual/light technology device that I believe imparts information directly to the human brain. It seems to conduct directly through the optic nerve when a human views the great variety of symbols cut into each page. Each of the symbols is covered with a clear film that emits light and may be similar to our computers. In this case, if this device is an extremely advanced computer system, it only requires the presence of a consciousness interface to function.

Downloads and Uploads

When not in the company of ETs, many abductees report experiencing what is referred to as a download or upload of information from extraterrestrials. This information can be in the form of repeating digits, symbols, and other pictures. They have been experienced in a fully waking state while sleeping or in another altered state of consciousness. There have also been reports of experiencers feeling that information from their mind is being uploaded.

Mind Scan

A fairly common communication procedure that is solely directed by an extraterrestrial is the mind scan. During that practice, an ET will gaze directly into the eyes of a human from an inch or two from their face. It is theorized that the aliens use this technique to telepathically gain direct access to information stored in the human brain.

Facial Emotional Expression

Although there may well be reports of extraterrestrials communicating their emotions to humans, the species I have encountered have never done so through physical gestures, facial or otherwise.   


Alien Communications
Alien Communications - Artwork by Scott Browne

ET Communications - Bill Konkolesky

I have found in my personal contact encounters that communication with extraterrestrials can be challenging.  In my case, the two-fold issue stems from the beings I experience seemingly existing natively in a field of consciousness and only operating physical drone-bodies in the rare instances that they need to interact with me corporeally.  Unfortunately, both of these forms have their unique limitations to effective communication with the human mind.

The one important detail that both of their forms share is the exclusive use of telepathy rather than verbal or body language.  Apart from that though, these two forms couldn’t converse more differently.

In their natural environment of consciousness (during the times I am drawn out-of-body by them), the beings seemingly exist simultaneously in all of time and space and, thus, have difficulty editing messages down from an infinite perspective to my narrow human window of perception and understanding.  When they communicate with me in this form, they clearly strain to get as much though my filters as possible, knowing that I’m only catching fragments of their meaning.

And, while these beings appear to swim freely in an ocean of consciousness, their small gray drone bodies display a strange behavior when walking in the physical.  They seem to be mentally locked in the moment, curiously without a working awareness of the past or future.

Whenever I am lucid enough with them to ask them things like, “Where are we going?” they telepathically respond, “We’re going.”  “Why are you doing this?” gets a response of, “We’re doing this.”  I don’t think they’re being coy.  Honestly, I believe that’s what’s going through their heads, almost as if they’re entire thought process is locked in that precise second.  When condensed into physical form, they seem to paradoxically shift from eternal consciousness to one that is tightly time-locked. 

The grays appear to be essentially nothing more than puppets of their consciousness form.   Digging in deeper with this analogy, while a puppet master, unseen to the audience, knows the whole play, the puppet does only what it is controlled to do moment-to-moment and, if an audience member were to somehow ask the puppet a question, how could it reply?  It’s not really thinking for itself and so, even though it is performing, it really has no memory of what just happened and no idea what happens next.  It simply waits for the puppet master to animate it further.

Either way, communicating with these beings’ corporeal and non-corporeal forms both have their shortcomings.  Until their species and ours find better common ground in conversing with and understanding each other, we have our work cut out for us.