The communications from extraterrestrials to humans, in my long-term practice of conducting regressions to experiencers' ET encounters, have been mostly words said telepathically, rather than audible clicks, pops or other sounds. Sometimes the words from the beings are so loudly and emphatically heard that the person receiving them is sure anyone near them would have heard the words as well.  I will share an example from my own life.  In 1988 at the start of my last week of being trained as a past life regression therapist, the trainer mentioned that those of us who were conducting regression therapy might eventually have someone come to us with complaints of having been visited and taken away by very unusual beings who were not human. These people were confused and often traumatized and wanted to know the details of what had happened that they were not consciously aware of. I had never heard of this previously and was greatly surprised, even shocked, that such things were happening to some people. More importantly I immediately heard a loud voice in my head yelling clearly and emphatically at me "Pay attention to this will be doing this !!"  This event subsequently led to my conducting regressions and counseling with more than 2200 people who had experienced extraterrestrial encounters, leading experiencer support groups and sharing information about this phenomenon through writing books, giving lectures and interviews.

People who wake up at night with terror and awareness that unusual beings are there in their room, often 'hear' in their minds reassuring words from the beings, such as "It's alright", "We won't hurt you", 'You're coming with us...and we'll bring you back", "You are important to us", or "You are one of us". If anyone is sharing the room with that person, they do not hear these words and are usually "switched off" out of conscious awareness that anyone is there.

Alien Communications
Alien Communications - Artwork by Scott Browne

When a person is lying on a medical-type of table on a ship and is fearfully being poked and probed and is wondering what is going to happen to him the beings often say telepathically "We are not harming you.  We are checking to see how well you are. If we find something is not right, we will fix it."  Sometimes the beings tell the person he has a particular health problem, such as a problem liver, and he should check with his doctor about this after returning home.

During a regression when a person is lying on a medical table and is being examined or treated with instruments and is confused and frightened, sometimes I say to the person "Would you like to know what they are doing to you?"  If the person says "yes!" (which he usually does) I suggest that he ask the beings what they are doing and why.  He can ask out loud or telepathically.  Every time I have suggested this the person hears in his mind a short, concise answer which is right to the point, such as "We are fixing a problem with your heart. You have a vessel which is almost completely clogged", or "We are detoxifying your kidneys" , or "We are repairing the internal scar tissue which you have from surgery years ago".  In other words, they are truly helping the person physically, without having mentioned what they are doing to help him. 

When a pregnant woman client was taken during her sixth month of pregnancy with twins, a female being felt her abdomen with her long fingers and paused over one of the fetal twins and said "this is the one we want."  She injected that twin with some fluid in a hypodermic needle and then said, "Now he is the way we want him to be."  That twin was born looking completely alert and with eyes wide open and aware of his surroundings.  That twin proceeded to have a lifetime of extraterrestrial encounters and is most likely a hybrid.  The other twin has not had any ET encounters and has been envious of his brother who became very enamored of the beings he visited on the ship.  

Another woman client had many childhood visits on board a UFO in which she spent time with an adult male reptilian being.  He acted very kindly and read her stories and played games with her during her growing-up years, and she loved him as a familiar, friendly uncle. When she became sexually mature, he started a regular practice of having sex with her. After several years of this and after she was married, she asked him "How come every time I'm here you want to have sex with me!?"  He said, "Because I'm your husband".  She retorted "But my husband is Jerry!  He wouldn't want you doing this!" He countered with "Yes, Jerry is your earth husband, and I am your space husband, so it's okay."

A few people I have regressed have been taught by the beings on board to heal great masses of people after massive earth catastrophes. They have been told by the beings "You may not remember how to do this until the catastrophes happen, and then you'll know exactly what to do".

A few of my experiencer clients have been taken to council meetings in space, composed of many different species of beings.  They are told things such as " We are very concerned with planet Earth and how you humans are ruining it. You need to get your fellow humans to change your practices and solve those problems and find ways to continue to live on your planet."  In one council meeting the experiencer was told by the beings "We are concerned with a grave mistake we made long ago in creating your species.  We gave you characteristics of aggressiveness, competition, greed, judging others, hatred, selfishness, warring against each other, and killing each other.  These traits are threatening your entire existence.  We want to change those characteristics in your species, but there is a universal law of non-interference.  We are deliberating about whether to intervene or not, and we want your opinion."

A woman who I had regressed to many extraterrestrial encounters reached the point of strongly wanting to have a conscious, awake, and aware encounter with the beings. She meditated and verbally asked the beings to allow her to remain conscious   during the next time of visiting and taking her away.  They granted her wish during the next visit.  When she was levitated six feet or so above her bed and looked down to see how high she was, she panicked and thrashed about.  The beings immediately wrapped her like a cocoon in a netting material and said "We thought this would happen, and we don't want you to hurt yourself or to hurt us!  So, we have to do this!"  As soon as she was on the ship, they stood her up and unwound the netting and said "So now you can understand why we make people unaware of being transported."

All of these communications were said telepathically, even when they were received loudly and clearly by the recipients, and it seemed like the words were actually being heard audibly.