How other dimensional beings assist us on our way to the best versions of ourselves

Humanity has been aware for quite some time that the world needs change, the change often being associated with healing. The need for change includes the planet, its environment and inhabitants, all sentient beings. While the planet itself, guided by its own wisdom, has been in this process for a long time already, the living world, largely controlled by its most evolved species, has been following at a slower pace, realizing only recently that much more of an awareness-raising effort is urgently required to accelerate the process.

What is our planet healing from and what do we humans need to heal from? And what, in the first place, has brought us to this situation, since our planet has always been equipped with everything needed to nurture the whole living world perfectly? Was it the intervention of some intellectually and technologically superior but not ethically evolved enough intelligence, trapped in a duality mindset, considering as natural the principle of survival of the fittest, and egocentrism as a necessary condition for progress and growth?

There is no doubt that a higher, all-inclusive awareness could have protected us from diversions. An awareness that we are beings organically and otherwise connected to our planet, and at the same time members of a large cosmic community, an awareness of our true history, of where we came from and what we are here to do, everything anchored in reality as it truly is. Also an awareness of having access to infinite life energy available all around us that we can use to thrive, in full health – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The noosphere self-managing itself, living in truth. Truth is health.

The extraterrestrial and other civilizations from parallel worlds have long been our models of higher awareness manifesting in harmonious otherworldly societies with all the resources needed for abundance as a condition for peaceful cohabitation. High moral and ethical values are a natural extension when nobody lacks anything on any level, including the willingness to selflessly guide others along the proven evolutionary route they themselves have already walked and benefited from.

A large part of humanity believes that we are in a constant, more and less conscious interaction with these beings. Clearly understanding their own as well as our biological, psychological, social, spiritual, and cultural characteristics, such beings can assist us on many levels, not only by healing our bodies, emotions, minds and souls, which many people claim to have experienced, but also by totally changing some of our ontologically deficient perspectives. No matter how discreet their presence, these beings are believed to be redirecting the missteps we have been taking, building a global society that does not live in accordance with universally supportive principles. Their actions to repair such damage are now being invisibly performed on multiple levels.

We are being healed as civilization, because we are all to some extent affected by the built-in errors concerning our origins, our history, our true identity, the laws of nature and the laws of cosmos in general.  

These beings are also doing this because our alignment with an optimal future trajectory is in the interests of the worlds of our solar system, the galaxy and beyond; because who we are and what we do emanates from us into outer space. 

Human contactees say that many of these beings are our teachers, urging us to abandon the anthropocentric view of the world, disentangle from our subjective interpretations of reality, become of service to others. Teachings is healing, a gradual realignment with what is true and what is right, bringing about a state of inner equilibrium, empowerment and stability in our relations with the outer world.

Whitley Strieber mentions a secret summer school led by extraterrestrials that he attended as a child. Among other things it may have helped him not only to accept the existence of other worlds, but also to later on uncover the enigma of communion, bringing him closer to experiencing the so-called togetherness, the ‘becoming one another’, in other words to understanding the ‘we are one’ concept that the more evolved part of humanity is currently prepared to make great efforts to spread across our civilization. 

It is also the friendly extraterrestrials that encourage us to recognize that there is nothing to admire about them, because we have more in common than we can know at the moment. They say this to help us transcend the seemingly unsurmountable civilizational differences between them and us, this alien-ness as we perceive it causing alienation, and also to transcend the interhuman alienation and the feeling of separation from the rest of the living world on our own planet. Feeling connected has a healing effect.

The aim of their healing procedures is, on more subtle levels, a gradual realignment with the initial design of what our life should be like according to our current life’s purpose, the correct perception of which has faded due to the many distractions we are being exposed to, forcing on us the image of a false identity which makes us confused and easy to manipulate.

Healing also means practicing neutrality, detachment, not driving our bodies, minds and emotions to exhaustion in senseless endeavours for senseless aims; steering our reactions towards more moderateness; being quiet and letting our bodies manage themselves.

There is a hierarchy in their healing approaches: besides being direct or indirect, perceivable or not, they are aimed at the planet and its atmosphere, at humanity as a whole or at individuals, one at a time. On the largest horizontal scale, for example, these beings induce changes in the environment by creating a healing energy field, more supportive of the conditions needed for us to function with our full potential.

On the vertical line there is between them and us a new generation of humans, many still children at the moment, that have been seeded among us with their DNA upgraded, enabling them to be more multidimensionally aware, according to Mary Rodwell, and thus act as powerful antennae to attract contact and receive, consciously or unconsciously, clear instructions on how to work with ordinary humans, by healing them and teaching them how to heal others.

Such individuals are often called cosmic healers. Before we all evolve into the best versions of ourselves they act as intermediaries, as facilitators for the multifaceted interchange of knowledge, principles of well-being and peaceful co-existence. Higher intelligences are all healers, says Darryl Anka, channelling Bashar, and they transmit their knowledge to human cosmic healers who, by being better conduits, can bridge the different worlds and apply the knowledge received to their practices here on Earth. 

I noticed, however, that not all those with such experiences – who know that healing by otherworldly beings is real, having consciously experienced the whole procedure or simply the results of it, a healed wound or other effect – are prepared to talk about it. They consider it a very private affair which they do not want to share, so as not to lose a somehow intimate connection with their healers or the awareness of that miraculous energy field they were exposed to, which they wish to preserve and maintain to remain healthy, or prolong the support in whatever way or form they are getting it.

However, here I can share some stories. My friend Natalia had been very upset for a long period of time, exhausted from a difficult situation she had to endure, much of it coming from the behaviour of her boyfriend as she perceived it. One night after going to bed she couldn’t fall asleep, her difficulties all the greater because her boyfriend, the main source of this unbearable situation, was sleeping calmly next to her. Struggling through moments of utter despair at the thought that she still needed to get up early in the morning, after a sleepless night, she asked the universe, from the depth of her heart, how it was possible that someone giving so much love and attention to others could get only horror in return. Then she somehow fell asleep, but very quickly woke up and noticed, completely amazed, some pink smoke spiralling above her heart chakra: “This etheric pink colour of love, the quality of the innocent love of a child, entered my heart chakra and filled the room around me with its pure, peaceful, touching presence. I was so grateful. It was the Greys, as usual. I felt it. I was loved. It healed me. I slept peacefully for the rest of the night and started the new day fully energized again, for the first time after a long, long time.”

Natalia also had a car accident, much of which remains unexplained; she was quite uninjured and the police called it a miracle, because the braking distance indicated she should have been driving 500 km/per hour. Several anomalies took place there. The Greys again, she was sure.

She also experiences orbs, filming them often along with other unidentified craft and strange phenomena. She often notices the presence of the Greys, sometimes appearing inside the orbs she took pictures of hours before. These are the Greys from the Orion constellation, she believes. Because once, when she asked them where they were from and waited for a telepathic answer, the orbs in the next picture arranged themselves in the shape of the Orion Belt.

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Last but not least, Natalia’s own healing abilities, by using the palms of the hands similar to reiki, and which had developed long before, are now increasing. She can now make chronic pain disappear completely and is able to uplift people simply by her presence, as they themselves say, without her even knowing what has happened.

Another case is Aleksandra. Soon after she had fallen ill, contact began. She started getting messages that there was too much fear on Earth and not enough joy and laughter. Once, in her sleep, she was urged to get a pen and piece of paper, after which some codes were dictated, but in the morning she couldn't remember what they meant. She was told that other worlds can be either more or less positive towards us humans, because they also have polarities, but the general tendency of the universe is towards good: “I would go with them immediately, I have no fear of them, and I was told that fear is humanity's greatest enemy, because it paralyzes us”, she said.

On a Turkish beach she found a white feather, then another one on a lawn after coming home, and a third one on a grass path. She lost all fear, got a glimpse into what real love is, infinite universal love, and it was as if a tight belt around her body tore apart and she suddenly felt that whatever she needed became available to her. “It depends on us what we choose; I only take what is beautiful and harmonized and avoid all negativity.”

 She became interested in the truth beyond the visual. However, and most importantly, simultaneously with these insights a miracle was unfolding, a sudden perfect health that new medical exams showed, with no traces of disease; it left the doctors stunned, one of them saying: “You healed yourself.” But Aleksandra believes it was the extraterrestrials that helped her maintain a frequency that gradually harmonized her body, a harmonization that eventually manifested in perfect health, physical and otherwise. The frequency of trust in herself, in the extraterrestrials, and in the universe. They know who they choose, this time they chose me, Aleksandra added.

Franci is a radiesthesist, a researcher in all things paranormal, and a contactee. He claims the extraterrestrials are carrying out selective healings. Sometimes they intervene, sometimes they don't. They follow the people and if it makes sense to heal someone, they heal them, and if it doesn't, they don't. If an individual is pursuing a broader perspective, they intervene. They are never far away, they are in the same space as us, but on a different frequency and a higher energy level.
Healing is going on all the time, Franci says, the extraterrestrials also heal others through us, sending them energy. They work through us for the others and the planet.

Twenty-two years ago he underwent surgery and was sent home as an incurable case. Then the communication with three-meters tall, not very good-looking beings started, and everything suddenly changed. New medical exams showed he was completely healed, and, strangely, all his medical documentation disappeared and the doctors that had treated him were nowhere to be found. “As I said, the extraterrestrials are interested in those capable of seeing a broader picture. They are watching how we perform in our life, which is a school for us, and if they see our awareness rising, they move us into a higher school, which means more support from them but also more effort and discipline expected on our part.”

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Franci is very careful about what he reveals. Once we saw him zig-zagging with dowsing rods in his hands across a hill, on top of which we were trying to attract some signal from the sky, and all of a sudden a shower of golden balls with traces, like shooting stars, some as big as footballs, began falling towards the Earth at a 60-degree angle, only to vanish before they touched the ground. Franci, what was it? What did you do? How did you do that? To this day we got no answer from him.

My own experiences with who I believe might have been otherworldly beings are varied, and therefore my attitude to the many different reported cases is ambivalent, inconclusive. The experiences of my childhood are now half-cloaked memories that make me feel rather uncomfortable, to say the least, because of the constant uncertainty I had to live with, about what may come any time, beginning with an increasingly powerful presence of something that I couldn't resist and with my ordinary awareness fading… until I came back from somewhere. I so often came back from somewhere.

This broader perception, sensing the subtleties going on around me that other children weren't aware of, was not due to an inborn, natural ability, it was my experiences that forced me to acknowledge the permanent presence of something else all around, even if invisible. If I forgot, I was reminded of it by the next episode. Now I sometimes get a glimpse of images that make me think humans might have even been involved, but don't want to dwell on such thoughts because I am not sure if I’d be able to face the possibility that such an ultimate betrayal was real without having my integrity dangerously undermined. Even if it would mean healing of some sort.

However, a multitude of positive experiences, among them healing extraterrestrial and other extradimensional encounters, justify an optimistic view of our open integration into the community of cosmic civilisations. They have also been a very conscious part of my life in recent years. Mostly in the form of support and direction, but also as assistance in many falls, while skiing, from a horse, on an icy pavement, along with terrible situations on European highways while driving at 160 km per hour. I just moved past such experiences without understanding how I could be so lucky. Getting over them and moving on felt like a dream, a miracle sometimes. But it is also physics.

When, six or seven years ago, I noticed scoops on my body, seven red dots forming the shape of a semi-circle identical to the one I had seen the day before in an online article about contacts, it didn't upset me. Somebody or something was telling me that this can be done, but also that I might have been getting, due to some special quality of mine – I would like it to be so - special attention. The very frequent ringing in my right ear for the last couple of months, intensifying if it doesn't immediately catch my attention, or the noise in my ears like a thin piece of aluminium foil being crushed in one's hand, means a call to mindfulness, a stronger focus on what I am doing at that moment. Or on what they are doing, maybe doing to me, but so far I have never known what it might be.

In general, things are now happening much more in the real world as part of my 3D life, with no need to switch deliberately to the so-called second attention to catch something unusual; this parallel attention is now always there on a stand-by, and is switched on smoothly and naturally when appropriate.

Something like a flash-rescue was accomplished when I slipped on a non-ergonomic staircase in a “home-made” house. While descending it in nylon socks I slipped and fell to the ground floor, and heard my hip bones crack into splinters. Yet, simultaneously, I did something else on a parallel level where I know I was guided; applying some kind of quantum physics… I started rolling across the floor while still in the air and was back on my feet seconds before I actually hit it. The owner of the house was shocked, holding the phone in his hand to call an ambulance. “I heard your bones crack”. “Me too”, I said, and walked out into the yard.

Sometimes I am in another world, with another me, a better, more authentic version of myself standing by me, quietly, waiting for me to realize that everything is alright, so let’s slow down. There is nowhere to go, and there is nothing to do, says Dr. Steven Greer when guiding a meditation. The mind at a standstill. Bringing to the surface what really matters.

There also comes a sudden empowerment in a critical situation when, as the Australian spiritual teacher Jasmuheen puts it, a higher level operation is necessary, for the common good of my neighbourhood, my community, or humanity. I am suddenly performing as me and a half, perfectly, with something external, even alien added, attached to myself and doing part of the job for me before I can fully integrate it.

I had a really joyful experience with who I wished to be the Arcturians, their peaceful, benevolent faces bringing a feeling of safety, an assurance that I am doing something right or perceiving a situation correctly. I experienced for the first time in my life what real peace is: not an absence of noise and movement but an inner silence allowing complete relaxation in a standstill, possible because everything is suddenly right, in the right place at the right time, which at the same moment is a glimpse at a state of perfect health, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Peace heals everything.

My ongoing experience, however, is that help and healing are not unconditional, they imply responsibilities. I am supported or healed with a reason, to be able to do what I must do for others, which means redirect my focus from an illness or weakness or a self-pitying mood to the needs of those around me, which, of course, as a side effect, creates much more favourable conditions for a healing process to begin. Stop focusing on yourself, is what I have learned. Let the body manage itself. The beings will take care of me on condition that I care for the others.

As we know, healings by these higher beings are also performed with the use of technology. They are treating diseases that are incurable by humanity by using, for example, a quantum computer located on a secret location on Earth. They unlock a portal between the computer and the patient’s brain using any device the portal key is opened on, such as a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. The quantum computer uses quantum transmissions to quantumly diagnose and treat the cause of the disease. Amazing!

There presumably exist extraterrestrial/human-led hospitals on Earth. Cosmic clinics spiritually powered by the extra-terrestrial healers, communication among them conducted through a technologically enhanced telepathy. There they, for example, remove stem cells from the patient, treat them so that they become younger and then reintroduce the rejuvenated cells into the impaired organ where they gradually replace the dysfunctional cells and the person is healed.

It may be them who have inspired the construction of ‘healing buildings’ like the Vossahedron Project, carried out within a holistic, sustainable environment as a pre-condition for physical healing of the body, mental and emotional healing of the mind, and spiritual connection to the soul, using the so-called self-realization architecture designed to support evolution to a higher awareness.

However, all this being said, it is necessary to be aware that we must mostly rely on ourselves. Our human core, called by some an inner matrix of perfection free of any illnesses or wounds, is protected by an intrinsic human instinct of our right to freedom, perfect health and well-being in a broader sense.

This core is untouchable and cannot be violated by any controllers. And thus we are urged by friendly extraterrestrials to a constant awareness of its existence and to strive to return to it, to this state of being which is humanity's natural state and which the healers help restore.

Jasmuheen: “What we are going through on this Earth right now is a time where a major choice needs to be made, one to reset things. We are reaching a critical mass, nothing external is more powerful than we are, because we carry the baseline of creation within us, the mind-power, the heart-power, and we have the power to just roll back into this pure energy radiating through our system and empowering us and healing us on all levels simultaneously. So that we can hold the space we were born to hold at this time.”
The current spiritual awakening across the planet is the wind in our sails. An inner world of connections is taking the place of the prescribed social distancing, which in view of the unification of humanity through its heightened awareness of our current situation has become meaningless and is being ignored. We are all being uplifted and recalibrated to match the coming new world, and we are ready to take up the challenge.