One of the more intriguing and lesser-known aspects about encounters with extraterrestrials, are the numerous accounts of healing encounters, which are far more prevalent than people think. The survey by FREE, the Edgar Mitchell Foundations for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters revealed that about half of respondents had experienced a healing encounter that affected either themselves or a relative. That is a staggering statistic.

When it comes to the motivations of the visitors for these healings, people have opposing views. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as it is usually the case with assessments of their intentions. Some see the healing encounters as proof of their benevolence, while others just see it as them taking care of their resources, the way a farmer takes care of his cattle.

John Carpenter: "I have never seen where aliens healed somebody’s physical ailments as a deliberate act of benevolence or kindness.  Instead, they might report they fixed something because it was interfering with their plans. For example, one abductee was clearly color-blind as certified by his uncle, a doctor. His wife would never let him dress their kids. After one of his abduction experiences he recalled that they were implanting something behind his eye. They told him that he would notice 'as a side benefit' an increase in color perception because they had to fix that so that what they were doing would work right. His uncle the doctor was surprised when he tested him and found that his color vision was now perfect!"

We asked our panel for their thoughts:

  • Gwen Farrell was kind enough to share the chapter of her book that deals with healing encounters, which offers a nice introduction to the topic.
  • Suzy Hansen shares both her personal experiences, as well as cases she has come across in her work, and that are included in her book.
  • Bill Konkolesky also shares his personal experiences, as well as those of others.
  • Denise Stoner shares her personal healing encounter at length.
  • Tom Montalk starts with one experience he had and shares his thoughts on the phenomenon
  • Nadine Lalich shares one healing encounter she experienced as a child
Healing Encounters
Healing Encounters - artwork by Scott Browne


Do ETs Heal Humans and Can Humans Heal ETs?

Excerpt from Forbidden Questions: A Guide to Human-ET Contact
by Gwen Farrell, CHt, RT

I have been privileged to be part of the natural healing arts community for many years, and during that time I have known many gifted healers who serve humanity not only with their professional skills, but also with knowledge and guidance provided by beneficent otherworldly beings.  These beings have been called angels, saints, ascended masters and gods by the humans they have guided and mentored, but today many people call them ETs.

The story of ETs healing humans on Earth is much more extensive than my own experience. Down through history, human beings have reported contact with otherworldly beings that resulted in the healing of a variety of physical illnesses and injuries.  Sacred writings, myths and legends tell of highly advanced beings who interacted with humans through teaching and healing that was often bestowed on a specific individual or group to impress upon them the power of the beings so they would obey or follow them, or as a reward for their devotion or a sign of their favor.  In ancient times, healing by advanced beings was rare enough to be called miraculous, but in modern times, reports of healing in connection with ET contact events have become so numerous that the phenomenon is now recognized as an accepted aspect of alien encounters.  In fact, in the past few years, more individuals have reported experiencing alien healing than those who reported alien abduction.

In a groundbreaking study of experiencers, The Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters (FREE) asked the question, “Do you believe that any of these NHIs (non-human intelligence or ETs) have performed a medical healing on either you or another member of your family?”  Out of 1,368 responders, 50.66% responded Yes.

That data is consistent with the findings of UFO investigator and researcher Preston Dennett, who has reported more than 200 accounts of medical healings performed by ETs.  In his book UFO Healings: True Accounts of People Healed by Extraterrestrials, Dennett relates many cases of individuals who believe they were healed by close encounters with alien beings.  These reports describe healings of injuries and diseases varying from flesh wounds and minor illnesses and ailments to serious diseases, such as cancer.  

These healings are often effected by ETs aboard their ships, but are also reported happening in experiencers’ homes and even in hospital rooms.  In a hospital setting, the alien healer may appear as a human doctor or nurse who shows up in the room at night, performs a procedure that causes a cure or remarkable improvement in the patient’s condition, and then departs.  When the patient asks about the doctor or nurse the next day, they cannot be found, and the patient learns that no one fitting that description is employed in the hospital.

UFO investigator and researcher, Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D., co-author of Close Extraterrestrial Encounters: Positive Encounters With Mysterious Visitors, has written:

“Healing procedures are sometimes performed aboard UFOs.  While the technology used is often so exotic that the human subject cannot tell what is being done or explain the equipment used, a number of humans have reported ET cures of conditions previously diagnosed by earth doctors as needing attention. Treatments and cures have been reported for conditions like ovarian cysts, coronary valve disorder, vaginal yeast infection and obstructed nasal passage.”

“Sometimes the results learned from the exam are communicated to the human, particularly if some worrisome condition is identified or if the human asks why a certain procedure was necessary.  The purpose of the exam appears to be for the ETs to determine the subject’s physical and genetic levels and their overall health status. Occasionally an ET will communicate to the human that a medical condition needs some attention and will indicate that either the human should consult an earth doctor about treating it or that it can and will be dealt with later.”

Sometimes, healings appear to be purely accidental, when a person unexpectedly comes into contact with, or in close proximity to, an alien craft, or is accidentally struck by beams of light from a craft.  A well-known case reported in 1965 concerned a police officer who experienced healing of a severely injured finger quite unexpectedly.  While on patrol one night, he and his partner pursued a mysterious object in the sky which suddenly turned around and flew over their car and a beam of light from the craft struck the car and illuminated it, including the officer’s arm and finger which were hanging outside the car window.  In a panic, the officers drove off and lost sight of the UFO, but the next day the officer with the injured finger noticed that the injury, which should have still been serious, was nearly healed.  

Another amazing case of accidental healing, apparently by ETs, was recounted by a woman employed as a waitress at a truck stop in Mississippi.  Her job required her to be on the road in the early morning hours, and one morning, on her way home from work around 2:00 a.m., a bright light hovered over her car and she blacked out.  Suddenly, she awoke to find that it was 6:00 a.m. and she was in her car on the side of the road.  Not knowing what had transpired, she drove home, but later, she had vague memories of being in a strange "examining room," with several figures standing around her while a "doctor" stood next to her and "passed some kind of rod" over her body again and again.  She had suffered from severe arthritis in her knee, wrist and finger joints for several years; in fact, the condition was so bad that she was being forced into early retirement with no benefits because of it.  But after the experience with the strange light and missing time, she discovered that her arthritis was gone, she no longer felt any pain and was able to continue working.

Other, even stranger reports have been made about hospitals or clinics that have appeared in deserted or out-of-the-way places where people have found help or medical treatment in time of need.  Often the treatment received was very advanced and like nothing they had seen before, and the healing received bordered on the miraculous.  Strangely, however, when they searched for the place later, they couldn’t remember the location and were unable to find it again.

Sometimes, healings are accomplished by alien healers in out-of-the-way places and in dire circumstances.

“ETs saved my life several years ago.  I was driving home from college for the holidays on a winding mountain road, it was late and I fell asleep at the wheel and went off the road and down an embankment.  I was thrown out of the car and knocked unconscious and when I woke up, I found myself lying on the ground, groggy and in shock, but there was a bright moon and I could see my car on its side a few feet away.  As I was laying there, I noticed that what I had thought was the moon was now right above me and getting lower and I’m thinking what the hell but I could feel warmth from it on my body.  I thought I was either dead or hallucinating when I heard a very clear voice in my head saying “stand up.”  Well, I couldn’t get up, but the voice came again and said “stand up, it’s time to go,” so I just scooted and dragged myself to the car and somehow managed to pull myself up to standing leaning on the car.  At that point I actually felt stronger and I took out my cell phone from my pocket, set the light on it to the SOS signal and then slid back down to the ground. Just a little while later, I heard someone yelling from the road above.  A family driving by had seen the SOS signal and stopped.  I must have passed out at that point because the next thing I remember I was on a bed in their RV and headed to town.  I had severe injuries, but I was alive and I owed them my life.  Over time my body healed, but I had nightmares about the accident that got worse and eventually I had to go to a therapist for help.  In hypnosis, I went back to the accident and saw what had happened, which blew me away.  I saw the car go off the road, I saw my body on the ground and a large light emerge from the sky, slowly and silently lower and project a circle of light around me.  I then saw strange, tall beings surrounding me who injected my body with some kind of energy, then told me to stand up, get out my cell phone and signal for help, which I did.  I now know that I would have died if those beings, who I believe were ETs, had not saved me.  I always felt that I had some kind of relationship with the stars before that, but since finding out what really happened that night, I’ve learned a lot more.” TR

Many experiencers report being taken aboard alien craft where they are subjected to medical-type tests or experiments in which their bodies are pierced or cut open, but when they wake up later at home, their bodies are intact and there is no wound or trace of the radical procedures that took place only minutes or hours before.  Some experiencers have reported instruments or tools being used on them that caused their incisions to knit without pain or scarring, so obviously, ETs are healing humans when they are finished with them.  But are they doing so because they care about their subjects, or are they just putting them back together in order to hide their activities or so they can use them again in the future?  Whatever their motivation, healing is being done.

Adrian Dvir was an Israeli computer engineer, author and medium who began working as a healer in 1994.  In his book, "X3: Healing Entities and Aliens," he explains how he assisted extraterrestrial medical teams (ETMTs) in healing humans on Earth.  The teams were composed of beings from various alien races who had been trained in human anatomy and physiology, and brought advanced technology which they utilized to treat their human patients in an interdimensional clinic they set up in Dvir’s home.  The ET doctors were invisible to most of their human patients, so he was always present to provide support and communication between them.  There were no abductions; all procedures were done with the permission of the human patients and most procedures took place in the clinic, not aboard the alien craft.  From 1994 until his death in 2004, Dvir assisted the ETMTs with many individuals who testified to the effectiveness of the healing they received.

While the ETMTs that Adrian Dvir worked with were formal, organized teams of trained extraterrestrial beings, there are hundreds of recorded accounts of human healings by otherworldly beings that are less formal, but no less effective.  Investigator Gordon Creighton relates the story of a young girl who received healing of terminal stomach cancer by a group of ETs who appeared out of nowhere.

"On October 25, 1957, a young Brazilian girl was dying of stomach cancer and was suffering greatly during the night.  Seven members of the girl’s family were present in the room when suddenly a beam of light appeared outside the house and the room filled with a vivid light.  Running to the window, her brother saw a large saucer-shaped object outside the window.  A hatch opened in the side of the object and two small beings approximately “1.20 meters in height” with long yellowish-red hair down to their shoulders, and bright green, slanting “Chinese” eyes emerged.  The family members watched, unable to move, as the beings approached the bed and laid out some type of instruments.  One of the beings placed his hands on the forehead of the sick girl’s father and began to communicate to him telepathically all the details of his daughter’s illness.  The other small being then shone onto the girl’s stomach a “bluish-white light,” which lit up the whole inside of her abdomen so that the family members could see the cancerous growth inside her.  The operation to remove the tumor took about half an hour.  Before leaving, the two beings informed the girl’s father, telepathically, that she would need medicine for a while, and gave him a metallic-looking “hollow ball” containing 30 small white pellets and instructed him that she was to take one daily.  In December of 1957, the girl’s doctor verified that she was cured of cancer."

If extraterrestrials do use their advanced technology to heal some humans, why don’t they heal everyone?  Perhaps they have special connections or relationships with the humans they choose to heal.  Or maybe they don’t want to draw attention to themselves by healing a lot of people.  Maybe, despite their advanced technology, ETs are limited to the types of human illnesses and injuries they are able to heal.  Or maybe their real reason for being here isn’t about healing at all.  The ETMTs Adrian Dvir worked with told him that while they were happy to heal individual humans, their true mission on Earth was to introduce themselves to all of humanity and convey the message that there are highly-developed races in the universe who wish to have contact with us.  The healing work was merely their way of saying “Hello, we are here and we are interested in you.”

Humans healing ETs

Healing between humans and ETs is not always a one-way street.  Some humans report that they heal ETs.  Individuals involved in this type of work usually have experience in energy work, such as Reiki and hands-on healing, and may also have existing relationships with ET groups that have developed over many years before they are asked by the ETs to help them.  This is not abduction.  Instead, the human healers are asked for their help and are free to say no if they wish.  It has long been thought that one of the reasons alien beings abduct humans and perform experiments on them is for the purpose of healing and invigorating their own weak and failing bodies.  Whether that is true (and whether it has been successful or not) we don’t know, but maybe some alien groups have decided to ask for our help instead of abducting us and taking what they want against our will.

Understandably, most people who are the beneficiaries of ET healing feel fortunate, and some have reported that after a healing event they not only possessed renewed health and vigor, they had healing abilities themselves.  Some have reported a new interest in medicine, healthy living and the health of the planet that led them to pursue careers in those fields.

But not everyone has a positive attitude about ET healings, even when done for their benefit. Some people believe that whatever good work is done by ETs is not done out of kindness, but is really a front for dark, ulterior motives, and that one day there will be a reckoning when the aliens will return and demand some kind of payback for the energy and resources they have spent on us.  At this point in time, that remains to be seen.  


Healing Encounters and Activities Onboard Craft

Suzy Hansen © 2020

Healing sessions onboard craft are a frequently reported component of contact with extraterrestrial species. Many abductees/experiencers have received healing for a wide range of physical, emotional and psychological ailments, or have taken part in these sessions themselves as one of the healers.
For me, healing and caring procedures with the species called the “Greys” began in early childhood with the use of technology I referred to as “the lullaby bed”, a small structure that sat close to the floor, with raised ends curving up and outwards. Screens at each end displayed attractive lights, patterns and colours, accompanied by soothing melodic sounds or frequencies, and the bed’s surface was warm. In this way, it utilised features many small children worldwide find comforting – soft sound, colour and warmth – to induce a relaxed state of receptiveness not otherwise possible for human babies and young children to achieve in a short space of time, in preparation for extreme focus in learning activities.
Lullaby beds are equipped with metabolic sensors that register all bodily functions, necessary for babies and small children as a method of non-invasive examination. They were created to cater for young human children coming onboard craft from a variety of backgrounds: cultural, ethnic, social, or environmental – some of which may have been traumatic or difficult conditions to grow up in. On other occasions it was used to stabilise the child after certain transportation procedures, or to settle their emotions. In effect, it was designed to monitor and harmonise a child’s mental, emotional and physical states in preparation for learning and interacting at a higher level with the Greys.

Tall Grey Alien 

Often experiencers/abductees refer to healing they have received from ETs following serious illnesses or accidents, but sometimes the entities state they are not permitted by “universal law” to completely cure the person; it seems the soul’s wishes of what it desires to experience in this life are respected:-
In November 1974 I was involved in an horrific car accident and sustained significant injuries. Over the next few months I retained memory of being taken onboard a craft where a short Grey and a mixed Mantis/Grey entity undertook a full check-up of my health as I had been suffering debilitating spinal pain and headaches, and I was finding work difficult. I was not functioning or coping well and they were keen to be of assistance.

Their telepathic discussion with me was patient and gentle, as they outlined how far they could go with the healing, and I perceived their distress that they could not prevent some things from happening in my life, or give me a miracle cure either. They commented on how much time they had invested in me since childhood and how important it was to carry out just enough repair work so I could cope.

During this session I observed the Mantis transform physically and transition between his Mantis genes and his Grey genes in order to perform healing on my nervous system and energy field, assuring me this repair work would eventually filter down to the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies, and that they would not leave me entirely to my own devices but would carry out similar healing procedures until improvement was evident. Streams of multi-coloured light poured from his fingers as he meticulously tracked the physical and emotional damage, and shock still reverberating throughout my system. 

Tall Aliens

A deep connection and underlying love reverberated between us - like reciprocal electricity enlivening your cells, and you understand what it means. It was as if my blood recognised their blood, and became animated; a very powerful genetic and a soul connection. True to their word, I was again given healing over the following four years, including the replacement of implants to correct a balance problem.

An aspect of many abductees’/experiencers’ accounts of healing on craft has involved descriptions of them leaving their human bodies and taking on the form of a Grey or other species in order to take part in healing sessions with humans:-

One night, at age 14, I left my body to accompany two balls of light – in fact two Greys – who accompanied me to a craft, passing swiftly through the craft’s exterior and interior walls and into a brightly lit corridor. A moment of adjustment took place as I left the dense human form, and my mind was lighter now, free of the complicated emotions of a fourteen-year-old girl. I felt more comfortable, clearer and sharper, fully in the Grey intelligence.

The realisation soon set in that I had now taken on the form of a short Grey, and that I knew I would be taking part in healing humans suffering from various forms of cancer. During this night’s work I observed bodies of Greys disintegrating and reforming – like sifting sand – group hive-mind focus of extreme energy to infuse blood with light and raise the vibratory rate of the patient; “surgery” involving energy; using the Greys’ sense of smell to detect cancerous cysts; and energy beams streamed from the eye to seal and heal with laser-like precision.

The Greys have mastered the ability to control their emotions in a way appropriate to the tasks they are carrying out. In this way, they reflect the self-control exhibited by many of our own medical and veterinary practitioners. Some abductees report cold and officious behaviour by Greys during medical-type examinations and procedures onboard craft, perhaps reflecting this brain/emotion-altering ability. It is possible that some, but I accept not all such traumatic encounters may actually have the positive intent of assisting the human in the long run. 

Out of Body Experience

Over the years, many abductees/experiencers have struggled with criticism of their descriptions of alien technology. Looking back, audiences at conferences may have viewed my own descriptions of such technology as sci-fi in nature, however in more recent years I have felt vindicated as more of our own technology has been released bearing less sophisticated similarities to technologies I have seen on craft. The missing component, the nut we have not yet fully cracked, is the use of consciousness in such technology. 

Alien Medical Examination

In my book, The Dual Soul Connection – The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement, I describe many instances of using, observing, and receiving healing from advanced medical/healing technology on craft, and in fact I have described some of this technology for 3 decades.
Why are abductees/experiencers exposed to such medical/healing technology, and taught to use it? I believe that in order to assist us to speed our technological know-how they have produced a kind of “bridging technology”, that sits somewhere between their advanced “conscious” technology and our own present understanding of physics.
Many abductees/experiencers are instructed, then given opportunities to practice and perfect these new healing skills arising from a combination of consciousness, energy, and technology, and they are then tested and put to good use in healing sessions onboard craft. Part of this process of course, is self-healing through understanding, elevated frequency and positive power of intent.

Healing Encounter

In my book I outline a positive agenda carried out by a group of species associated with the soul gate-keepers of our planet, over-seeing the incarnation of souls to planet Earth. This agenda consists of complex multi-layered education programmes involving millions of humans, each one here at this time to participate in our evolution towards becoming a cosmic society in the future. A Alongside this soul cooperation with these extraterrestrial species, we each have our own private tasks to complete and lessons to learn in this life. Perhaps it is this fact that prohibits some from receiving lasting healing, but as in my case, only what is appropriate to complete their life’s tasks.
A Grey hybrid once said to me, “They always look after their own” – which is food-for-thought!

Suzanne Hansen, NZ, researcher, author, investigator, experiencer
Director UFOCUS NZ Research Network,
Author of “The Dual Soul Connection – the Alien Agenda for Human Advancement” (Amazon)


Healing Contact Encounters

By Bill Konkolesky

There have been numerous incidents reported over the years of extraterrestrials harming individuals physically, emotionally, and psychologically, but what has been reported much less is the reality that some of these entities occasionally heal people.

In fact, I recently spoke with an experiencer who had her first remembered abduction event as an adult in a preventative care scenario.  The beings took the woman on a Thursday, performed some dimly remembered procedure on her, then on Sunday, she got into a horrific multiple car accident which flipped her vehicle over, yet she suffered only the most minor injuries, even though an individual in another car lost his life.  She felt certain that whatever the beings had done to her had shielded her from harm.

From my life, I carry a scar on my right arm from a mystery procedure that gray beings performed on me onboard when I was seven years old.  While this is naturally something that caused me due concern, their care of me during this minor operation was surprising.  Firstly, the cut they made on my right arm healed within seconds after the incision.  They then tranquilized me into a state of inner peace with a telepathic procedure.  The last part of this is perhaps the most surprising. Late afternoon of the next day, while I was playing in the back yard, a gray being approached me and asked if I was feeling okay.

Beyond them offering physical healing, they have also offered me emotional succor in my life.  In my early twenties, I suffered a terrible single month which featured overwhelming disruptive drama in separate scenarios with my parents, girlfriend, several close friends, and my relationship to my faith. The beings came to me with the most unexpected message that they would watch over me until I healed.  This was reinforced by a subtle energetic feeling of persistent support and a few episodes of them checking in on me, while I rebuilt my life.

Psychologically, they have healed me, as well.  Into my early twenties, I was still afraid to go to bed and of the dark, every night fearing abduction as I lost great amounts of sleep.  This had been true my entire life.  During a hypnotic regression session when I was 22, seeking to find answers about my abductions, I was pulled out of my body by the beings who gave me a deeply comforting message that they respected me and there was no need to fear the dark or sleep.  It actually worked.  Ever since that day, I’ve been able to sleep without fear.

All this brings to mind the question of why they ever would exert themselves for our healing and comfort.  I have no idea and have never resonated with any explanations forwarded by anyone else.  It admittedly doesn’t seem to make such sense that they would care for us on such a seemingly personal level, yet sometimes they do. 

Not only physically, but emotionally, and psychologically, beings from another place occasionally step into our lives for our direct benefit.  If anything should give one hope that the experiencer phenomenon is a net positive, this is it.


Continued in Healing Encounters, part 2