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We asked our panel members about alien implants. First, Gwen Farrell gives a general introduction. In the following two articles, Suzy Hansen and Thomas Minderlé share the experiences of three experiencers.

Alien abduction
Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay


Gwen Farrell: what about implants?

From Forbidden Questions: A Guide to Human-ET Contact by Gwen Farrell, CHt, RT

Some individuals believe they have been implanted with un-earthly objects during contact with alien beings. Implants are not souvenirs of all contact events, but they are reported commonly enough to be considered standard items in some ET toolboxes. The FREE Study(1) found that out of 1,222 individuals who responded to the question “Do you believe that the ETs placed a permanent foreign object (an implant) in your body?” 630 said Yes.

Alien implants reportedly come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and may remain in an individual’s body until they either disappear on their own or until they are removed by the individual or by the ETs who placed them there. Although many people don’t suffer ill effects from an implant, some do report pain and discomfort in the area, state that they can feel the object emitting heat or other types of energy, or report health problems that clear up after the implant has been removed.

Some individuals have reported that after an implant was removed, they initially felt very sick, but within a few weeks, they felt better and, in some cases, even better than during any period in their life. But whether an alien implant proves to be problematic or not, it is understandable that most people who have one would want to be rid of it as soon as possible. That doesn’t apply to every person or every type of implant, however.

What are they?

Not surprisingly, upon close examination, most suspected alien implants turn out to have Earthly origins and usually prove to be run-of-the-mill things such as insect bites, skin lesions, or natural or manmade objects that became imbedded in the body during the course of daily life. Generally, the deciding factors about whether an object is an alien implant are if it can’t be explained naturally and if it appeared in connection with a UFO sighting or ET close encounter. Even if an experiencer doesn’t remember having an implant placed in their body by an alien being, if there is no natural explanation and there was a contact event around the time the object was discovered, the odds of it being an alien implant rise significantly.

Implants have been found in nearly every part of the body, including the arms and legs, the back, neck and behind the ears. They are also sometimes found in natural body openings – areas from which experiencers often report bleeding after contact. Implants are usually small, ostensibly to fit into tight body spaces, to be less liable to detection, and more difficult to preserve if removed. They also may be small because alien technology is so advanced that they don’t need to be large to be effective.

In some individuals, a bump or bruise will form on the surface of the skin above the implant site, rashes, marks or scars may appear or there may be burning or itching in the area that may remain permanently or disappear over time. Areas of fluorescence can sometimes be detected when the area around an implant is exposed to a black light.

The late Dr. Roger Leir(2) reported that in regard to several of the implants he removed:

“The tissues surrounding these small metallic foreign objects, which looked like ‘cantaloupe seeds radiating small tendrils’, were invariably devoid of any inflammatory reaction and were found, inexplicably, to contain nerve way do these things exhibit the characteristics normally seen with foreign bodies which find their way, through accident or other means, into the human organism.” Dr. Roger Leir

He also noted that some of the implants were surrounded by a dense, fibrous membrane that appeared to be made of the individual’s own skin. Was such membranous material the body’s natural attempt to reject the implant or was it a feature of the implant itself designed to cushion and support it for long-term retention in the body?

Reportedly, some implants are made of materials that can be detected by X-rays, scans and metal detectors, and some can affect the operation of electronic devices, such as radios and medical equipment. Some less frequently reported types are described as possessing mineral or crystalline structures that are undetectable, and others are described as biological seed-type objects that may merge with an individual’s central nervous system and be impossible to remove without risking the health or life of the individual.

Dr. Leir went on to state that of eight suspected alien implants that he removed from eight different individuals, all the objects were found on the left side of the individuals’ bodies; seven of the eight emitted a powerful electromagnetic field easily detectable with a gauss meter; when removed from the body, all seven specimens inexplicably fluoresced under UV black light; and during laboratory analysis, the objects were complex and contained a diversity of elements (Al, Ba, Ca, Cu, Fe, Mg, Mn, Na, Ni, Ph, Si, Zn) not normally found together in natural objects on Earth. Unfortunately, we don’t have a great deal of standard scientific information about implants, because, despite the work done by Dr. Leir and a few other investigators, few suspected implants have been recovered, preserved and thoroughly examined under controlled conditions.

What are implants for?

Some researchers and experiencers believe alien implants are used to monitor the location and activity of the human host, maybe to locate them for future encounters, to communicate with them or control them, or to track the results of experiments. Implants have also been reported being used for the treatment of various injuries and diseases in which the host may be required to activate the device in order for it to work.

“I received my implant one evening while I was sitting on the couch in my living room. It had been a bad headache day and I was about to grab my third dose of pain meds when I decided to ask for help. I already had a relationship with an ET family so I closed my eyes, relaxed and mentally reached out and asked them to come and fix my messed-up sinuses if they could. Within a few moments, I felt surrounded by gentle beings and I felt a light touch on my forehead and felt them place a small object in my head between my eyebrows. There was no pain. They said they had put an implant in my head that would be there as long as I needed it and the energy would stop my sinus headaches by preventing inflammation that caused the pain. They said to touch the area on my forehead and visualize it radiating light and it would activate. I touched it and I felt warmth radiating out from the spot throughout my sinuses. I could feel my face light up from the inside-out like a jack-o-lantern and the pain gradually went away and I fell into a restful sleep. Since then when I start to get a headache, I activate the implant and I have fewer and less severe sinus infections and headaches. The implant is still in my head, I can activate it any time I need it and it’s obviously working. There are no negative side-effects and it’s free – what could be better than that?” GP

If alien implants are utilized to effect cures that humans are incapable of, it makes sense that they would be manufactured from materials and methods unknown on Earth. In his book, X3, Healing, Entities and Aliens (3) Adrian Dvir wrote that the ET medical teams (ETMTs) he worked with utilized implants that they made from biomimetic materials they brought to Earth with them. The implants were used on humans in various healing applications and the biomimetic material was designed to bond with the human patient’s damaged or ailing body tissue, healing and strengthening it. The implant would remain active in the body for the rest of the individual’s life or dissolve when the affected body part had healed, depending on the desired result.

The way the ETMTs did was they always worked with a human healer to monitor the human patient. This wasn’t abduction, the patients were always fully aware of where they were and had asked for treatment and it wasn’t usually done on a ship. The ET teams didn’t speak directly to the patient, so my job was to observe the procedure and explain it to the patient and relay prescriptions or follow-up instructions from the team to the patient after it was done. On several occasions when I was assisting I saw the ETMTs remove diseased or malfunctioning internal organs and treat them with different types of equipment including a special material that looked like tissue paper. They would the wrap the organ in the material and then return it to the person’s body or sometimes they would use the material to line a body cavity. The teams that I worked with brought everything with them. I have seen this material used in many different ways. We don’t have anything like it on Earth.” MF

Living implants

The type of alien implants removed by Dr. Leir appeared to be made of some type of metal or mineral, and those utilized by the ETMTS were copies of human biological tissue, but living biological and genetic material is also frequently reported being utilized as implants. In human-alien hybridization programs, many female experiencers report being implanted with alien-fertilized human ova and subsequently carrying and giving birth to hybrid children. Some of these individuals also report having alien or alien-hybrid fetuses implanted into their wombs which they carry to term or near term, and then they are returned to a ship or facility where the fetus is removed. Not all such pregnancies are successful, and many miscarriages occur before the planned removal time, which is probably why many women involved in these procedures report being taken repeatedly.

Do ETs monitor the implants they place in humans?

Some experiencers report being given implants and told that they would be monitored, but not having conscious recall of further contact. Others report that their implants are regularly monitored, replaced and sometimes removed completely when they are taken or during visits without actually being taken.

What happens if a human removes an alien implant? If it is being monitored, will the contacts/abductions continue or cease? Some experiencers who have had implants removed have stated that contact has stopped, while others report that contact has continued. It seems to be an individual thing.

What to do

If you think you have an implant and you want it removed, but you don’t know who to go to, a UFO investigative group or experiencer therapist may be able to refer you to a doctor with experience in this area and give you guidance on how the implant should be handled and preserved once it has been removed. If an implant is causing you serious medical problems, don’t wait - see a doctor as soon as possible. Even if the doctor doesn’t believe it is an alien implant, it belongs to you, so you can ask for it and take it to UFO investigative group for study, sell it on the internet or do whatever else you want with it. At least it will be out of your body and, hopefully, any discomfort that it has been causing will be over.

Much has been published about alien implants by individuals who claim to have them and by skeptics who claim that they don’t exist. But until we are able to confer openly with the alien beings who supposedly are utilizing them, the subject of implants will remain another forbidden question.


[1] The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiences (FREE), Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non Human Intelligence – Volume 1, 2019.

[2] Robert K. Leir (1934-2014) – American podiatric surgeon, ufologist and author best known as an investigator of alien implants.

[3] Dvir, Adrian. X3, Healing, Entities and Aliens. Adrian Dvir, 2000.


Suzy Hansen: Alien Implants: Positive Interventions

Two New Zealand Experiencers’ Perspectives

Much has been discussed over the last five decades on the subject of alien implants.  The late Dr. Roger Leir, US podiatrist, became well-known for his research into the subject and the surgical removal of “foreign” objects from abductees’ and experiencers’ bodies.  While some claim to have been assisted, healed and enhanced in a variety of ways by these implants, others describe painful procedures and the feeling of becoming a laboratory guinea pig.
Following are my own recollections of alien implants, and those of a fellow New Zealand experiencer I will call “Leah”.


Leah, an ophthalmic nurse, experienced being taken onboard a craft in 1978 during a four year period of intense UFO sightings in NZ that became known as the “Gisborne UFO Flap”.  It was around this time that the first reports of “abductions” and “alien contact” emerged in NZ.  On another occasion Leah had witnessed a cigar-shaped craft surrounded by an orange glow cruise down a rural valley, and it came so close to her car that the battery was damaged, the car  lifted on its axel as if by magnetic attraction, and she sustained physical symptoms her doctor described as “radiation exposure” – headaches, nausea and vomiting, rashes etc.  Soon afterwards Leah was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).  Her memories of contact and UFO sightings continued.

In the 90s, Leah experienced sharp pain in one foot, in the fleshy web between the big toe and the second toe, and an x-ray revealed a small shard or object positioned against the bone that was possibly causing the pain.  The specialist recommended removing the object, however he was puzzled because on examination he could not find an entry point and Leah could not recall ever injuring her foot in that place.  Not only that, it had not created pain or an acute/chronic inflammatory response previously, as is usual with foreign bodies embedded in tissue.  A date was set for an operation.

Several nights before the operation was due to take place, Leah awoke to see a large ball of light in her bedroom out of which emerged a figure at the end of her bed.  She recalled a communication taking place concerning her foot, but no further details before she lost consciousness or lapsed into sleep, however when she awoke her foot was pain-free.  Curious, Leah requested a further x-ray and she and the specialist were surprised to find the object was now repositioned vertically in the centre of the tissue between her toes.  Leah speculated whether an alien implant had somehow become dislodged from its intended position, causing pain, and she had been “visited” to set it right again or to have another inserted.  After consideration Leah decided to cancel the removal operation believing the object was intended to assist her with MS, possibly related to her close proximity to the craft’s energy field in 1978. 

In 2007, Dr. Roger Leir lectured at our UFOCUS NZ UFO conference in NZ, where he met Leah and examined her x-rays; he concurred the object was certainly visually similar to “shard-like” crystalline implants he had removed from other abductees/experiencers.  Dr. Leir offered to remove the object for laboratory examination, but Leah decided it was better off remaining in her body.  Spiritual, psychic and paranormal events that have occurred in Leah’s life, as experienced by many abductees/experiencers, have supported her belief that her decision has been advantageous.

It is noteworthy that Leah’s MS is somewhat of an enigma to medical specialists in that some of her physical capabilities have improved, or at least not deteriorated further over time, and now in her late 60s she is still mobile and generally walks without support.  Her interest in the UFO topic and her support of abductees/experiencers has been continuous.


In 1975 at the age of 20, having sustained injuries in a car accident in November 1974, I struggled to cope with chronic pain and adapting to a new career as a young school teacher.  One weekend while travelling on a lonely country road, my car was engulfed and lifted off the ground by a massive sphere of light, and during the subsequent 90 minutes I was taken onboard a craft belonging to a species of Greys, but which was also staffed by humans.

I have memory of a male human taking me to a small room where I met an unusual entity resembling a cross between a Grey and a Mantis; I felt no fear, only brief surprise at his appearance and spell-binding, non-threatening demeanour.  The entity asked me to lie on a narrow bed, and expressed concern about my well-being and that he wished to undertake a full check-up of my health.  He commented they had been intently “monitoring” me, waiting for the right time to pick me up, and that implants already in my body, placed in earlier years and also immediately after the car accident, had provided them with information about my health and recovery attempts.

With my consent, they intended to remove an element of shock from my energy field resulting from the car accident, and repair “holes” or weak spots in it.  Energy was apparently dissipating unnaturally from these holes instead of circulating and emanating as it should, and I was not functioning or coping well and they were keen to be of assistance.  The entity used his visual and mind capabilities to scan my body, giving me a running commentary about my bones, shock to vertebrae and discs, connective tissue, and the nervous system.  This energetic repair work would eventually filter through my energy field to the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies and they would carry out similar healing procedures until my health was stable.  The implants would continue to provide them with updated information.

In 1978, aged 24, I had memory of being transported to a large craft where I was met by a Grey who informed me he wished to replace biological implants in one ear and my nose.  He told me he had inserted two small organic implants three years ago (presumably these were the implants referred to above), and that these biological implants needed replacing occasionally as they dissolve over time.  The implant in my ear was counteracting balance problems caused by the accident, but it also allowed them to hear what I hear.  He reminded me I also had an implant in my right eye, which somehow enabled them to see what I see (I explain the reason for this in detail in my book – see details below).

The technician explained procedures as he worked and placed a large cone-shaped object over my ear, with a lens/magnification structure inside, the whole piece of apparatus fitting closely against my skull.  He peered into the circular “lens”, picked up a long thin flexible wire (possibly hollow) with a miniscule horseshoe-shaped clasp on one end of it and a lens/viewer on the other, and carefully inserted the clasp end inside my ear.  After looking into the viewer, he withdrew the wire again and I glimpsed a tiny irregular-shaped chip between the clasps.  A new implant, like a droplet of shiny glass, was then inserted deep inside my ear.  This procedure did not hurt at all and finally he repositioned the cone “earmuff” and double-checked his accuracy.  My balance horizon now felt a little odd, but he said this implant was an upgrade from the previous one and I would soon adjust to it.

The technician repeated the same process to replace an implant in my nose, telling me it was not as easy doing this one because I’d had a broken nose and therefore the nasal passages were narrow.  This implant would assist them with their studies of the human brain and its electrical functions.

Like many experiencers/abductees it seems I have been fitted with implants, possibly since childhood, which not only provide the Greys with information about human life and physiology, but also helped me to cope with the result of injuries.

It is my understanding through my lifetime of contact experiences that there is a universal positive agenda taking place on our planet involving souls who have incarnated with specific purposes that are agreed upon prior to incarnation, are part of a wider service to humanity, and are carried out in conjunction with a variety of volunteer extraterrestrial species and non-human intelligences.

It stands to reason that souls incarnating on Earth to assist at this difficult time in our evolution would be “maintained” by other more advanced species and groups involved.  Many experiencers/abductees recall giving permission for this intervention, while others feel a sense of violation.  It remains to be discovered how many agendas are taking place, and what species are involved positively or negatively within them.

NB: Suzy’s experiences are abridged extracts from her book, “The Dual Soul Connection – The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement”, available on Amazon.

Suzy Hansen, NZ, is an author, UFO sighting investigator & researcher, experiencer, and public speaker.

Suzy Hansen © 2019


Thomas Minderlé: Implants

Implants serve different purposes for different types of abductors. The following is a quick overview of the types of implants, their functions, who implants them, and how they do it. This information is based on a combination of personal experience and observation, available literature, and data points other abductees and researchers have shared with me.

Implants fall into two major categories: physical and non-physical. Physical implants range from crude to sophisticated. The crudest physical implants are metallic or glass capsules with radio circuitry and sensors, typical of the earliest black project mind control projects from the 1940s-1950s. They give off detectable electromagnetic waves when transmitting and can be easily identified on x-ray.

The more sophisticated physical implants are monolithic in construction, appearing like a single hard piece of glass, semiconductor, metal. Shapes range from spheres and ovals to triangular shards and odd uneven shapes, usually the size of BBs or rice grains. They use nano-scale integrated circuits and sometimes organic materials in a way that is decades beyond what public science knows today. The non-metallic ones may not even show up on an x-ray, though an MRI or CT scan might still pick them up. These types are typical of what modern black projects and alien factions employ. 

Non-physical implants are of an etheric, astral, or “phased out” nature. They exist at the subtle-energy level, right next to physical reality in a kind of hidden “subspace.” That means we cannot see or detect them with our physical senses. They are implanted into the subtle energy body (aura, chakras, meridians). These types of implants are used by aliens, who are quasi-physical, and entities like demons, who are non-physical. The latter allegedly simply tag a person with a piece of their own energy by implanting or attaching it to the person in order to track them. Alien nonphysical implants are far more advanced than that and are like artificial versions of our own chakras and meridian points that can be attached or implanted into our own.

The purpose of an implant varies. It can be one or more of the following:

  1. Tracking and identification. Essential for black projects that lack telepathic methods of keeping tabs on their subjects. Aliens may use this function to automate the process of keeping track.
  2. Monitoring of thoughts, feelings, and/or biological states. Allows for keeping track of forbidden thought patterns, red flagged keywords, and building of a profile for more accurate modeling and predicting of future behavior. Biological state monitoring is useful for the hybrid breeding program to track hormonal cycles.
  3. Influencing thoughts, feelings, and/or biological states. Form of behavioral modification. Induce tiredness, discombobulation, induce urges and compulsions, deviate trains of thought, and so on. Etheric implants manipulate behavior at the subtle energy level, meaning shutting down or activating chakras, or augmenting them, or depressing a person’s “vibe.” Biological states can be affected negatively or positively depending on what the abductors need, whether to destroy a threat or enhance an asset.
  4. Timed drug release. This technology already exists at the public level. Usually a tic-tac sized pill that’s inserted into muscle or fat and can release a drug over the following weeks or months. Likely intended to enhance or alter biological states (hormones, DNA expression, immune system). 
  5. Transmission of voice, text, or other signals. Commonly used for subconscious programming. For example, hypnotic scripts recited while one is sleeping and dreaming. Can be in the form of voice or text in that case. Can also be used for harassment while one is conscious and awake. Aliens are telepathic and wouldn’t need to use implants for this purpose.

Symptoms of having a physical implant include: mysterious scars; bruises with a tic-tac sized lump beneath; certain forms of tinnitus especially intermittent clicking, buzzing, and static noise; hearing an audible voice in the head that isn’t your own; and lifelong nosebleeds and sinus issues.  

Implant locations can be anywhere depending on purpose. For example, behavioral modifying implants would typically be in the brain, drug release implants can be in the thighs or rib cage beneath a layer of fat, tracking implants anywhere convenient, and so on. Brain, sinus, behind the ear, in the uterus area, and thighs are the most common locations. Nonphysical implant locations are tied into what parts of the subtle energy body correspond to the behavior being manipulated, for instance an implant in/around the head area to interfere with thinking.

Implant methods vary as well. Physical implants can be inserted non-invasively through the nose through the eustachian tube and into the middle ear, or similarly into one of the sinus cavities or the uterus and fallopian tubes. Others are implanted surgically via needles or laser scalpel leaving behind only a faint scar. Aliens may have ways of transporting an implant into the body using similar phasing technology they use to move through solid objects. Non-physical implants can be attached or inserted using psychic/occult methods.

Abductors are known for preventing an abductee from getting an x-ray, MRI, or CT scan, or abducting them in the days prior in order to remove the implants. Deniability is their highest priority, so they would rather remove it than provide proof of their activities. They don’t always succeed, and so fortunately there now exists documented research in the abduction literature about the nature and composition of implants.

If an implant cannot be removed or directly disabled (via TMS stimulation for example) the next best course of action is to refuse to give in to its influence, if it’s of the influencing type. This is especially true of non-physical implants, which are powered by our own energies, including emotional energies as the case may be. In those cases, using willpower to either push through an imposed mental/emotional block or abstaining from feeding the imposed thoughts/emotions—that can have the effect of deactivating or breaking the non-physical implant if kept up for the span of several weeks.

It’s unfortunate that as people we are little more than livestock to these forces. Our minds, our souls, our bodies, and our lives are, in a way, shared with beings who hide behind the dimensional veil, or at least the veil of plausible deniability. As an abductee, I consider that a fact of life. Monitoring can’t be avoided. Not all implants can be removed or disabled. But we still have our spiritual core, which remains untouchable and beyond all these machinations. Therefore, with enough awareness we have enough freewill to push through regardless. We still have the ability to outmaneuver, outflank, and outrun these forces. They can slow us down sometimes, but they cannot stop us, and therein lies our path forward.